Mozilla Firefox online training course

Firefox lesson 13, Themes (part2)

Installing personas

I have explained in the last lesson what themes are. Personas are themes with limited changes.
To install personas your firefox software needs to have the "Personas extension".
If you have firefox 3.6 or later you dont need to download it because its allready in the software but if you have a earlier version of firefox you need to install it fist.
To do this go to and install the personas plus extension.

When this is installed go and surf to the Personas Gallery In the Personas Gallery you move the mousecursor over the persona you wish to view (1).
When you moved the cursor on the persona you would like to see a live preview will be shown of the selected persona (2).
If you found a persona you like and wish to use it just click "Wear it" and it will automaticly install (3).

When you have installed the persona a warningbar will appear (1) to point out that a new theme has been installed.
In this bar you will find two buttons. The first is "Undo" which will of course undo the installed theme.

The second button is "Manage themes...".
Clicking this button will open the window "Add-ons" where you can deinstall the theme.
Do you wish to keep the theme then just click on the cross icon in the right corner.

Deleting personas

If after a while or maybe even directly the persona will get on your nerves you can delete it easily just like any other theme.
Just click "Tools" in the menubar followed by "Add-ons" in the dropdown menu.
Next click on appearance and next the "Remove" button next to the persona you wish to remove.
Basicly this is the same procedure as removing themes in firefox.