Mozilla Firefox online training course

Firefox lesson 14, Blocking pop-ups

Blocking pop-up windows

For those who don't know what a pop-up is i will explain it. These are windows which automaticly appear without you giving permission for it. These can vary in size but most of the time will not cover the entire screen. Some pop-up windows will be opened in front of your current firefox window while other will be opened behind the current firefox window, this last type of pop-up is also referred to as pop-under window.
Whatever they are called most people don't want them so they included some pop-up blocking software with firefox.

At default this is active but of course there are allways exeptions to the rule.
For this software click on "Tools" in the menubar and after that "Options" in the dropdown menu.
Choose the "Content" (1) tab.
If you wish to deactivate the pop-up blocking software just click on "Block pop-up windows" so the box next to it will be unchecked.
Would you like to allow pop-ups but only for certain websites you will need to click on the button "Exeptions..." (3).
In the new window that will open "Allowed sites pop-ups" you will enter the url of the website which you want to give permission to show you pop-ups, when you've done this click "Allow".
If you wish to remove some websites from this list at a later time you can just select it in this list and push the "Remove site" button.
Click on "Remove all sites" to complete remove all websites on your list here.

A simple way to test if firefox is working properly in blocking different types of pop-ups is going to the website
On this website you can find a few type of pop-up tests.

Choose one or more than one test on the website and click on the bold blue text to start the test.
When you are doing a test a yellow warningbar will appear on top of the screen which will tell you how much pop-up windows firefox has blocked.
This bar will allways appear when you are visiting a website with pop-up windows.
To close this bar just click on the x icon on the right side of the bar.
If you do wish to see one or more pop-ups that have been blocked click "Options" in the warningbar and click the pop-up which you would like to see.

A word of caution : Although firefox will block most pop-ups it can be possible that you will still have pop-ups on certain websites. The people who are making pop-ups are also allways looking for new ways to avoid the pop-up blocking software.