Google online training course

Google search engine lesson 1, Introduction

Finding something on the internet

Anyone can search on the internet, but finding something there is another thing.
This requires some basic knowledge and practise.
I hope i can learn you a few things so you will be able to use a search engine better when completing this course.

When you want to search on the internet you have two options.
You can use a directory or you can use a search engine.
A example of a directory is Yahoo and a example of a search engine is Google.

Search directory

The most known search directory is probably the one from yahoo. To view this just go to
Let me explain to you how a search directory works.
Search directories can best be compared to one of your own directories like for example the folder of your favorites in your webbrowser.
Each site that you place in your favorites folder is allways easily found back.
A search directory does the same, it will place a website when it is submitted in its directory.
You can imagine when you have to insert all websites manually into a directory you can never add every site that is submitted.
So they let you make a choice, you can pay to get submitted in their directory or you can apply for free.
I can tell you through personal experience that when you want to be added for free you have to wait for a minimum of six months before you will be added, if you are even added.
But on the other hand, maybe directories were good in the 90s but not anymore in the 21st century.
So Yahoo did the smart thing and added a search engine to its site. That is the top bar you can see in the image above next to the "Search" button.
More about Yahoo search in the next lesson.

Search engines

So because the search engines had just only a few milion pages in their database while there are maybe billions of pages they needed something else that would visit every page on the internet that had even something to do with the keyword which you are looking for.
This fenomenon is called a search engine.
Every search engine is constantly looking for new and updated websites on the internet.
You can see this in the controlpanel of your own website. In your stats you can surely see how many times a spider or a bot will visit your site.
When something new is found on your website then those programms will automaticly adjust their database.
You can imagine when this all happens automaticly it will be alot more efficient then when we had to do it manually.
In other words, when you are searching something in google or what other search engine on the internet it will start looking in its own database and not on the internet. This database is actually nothing else but a copy from all websites on the internet.
This was just a sidenote... you will not notice anything of this when you are using a search engine.

How do you add a website to a seach engine ?
Normally you don't have to do anything because the search engines will find you website automaticly. But if you are a bit stubborn and want to do it manually anyway just go to for example and click "About google" on the bottom of the page.

In the next window choose "Add URL" on the rightside of the screen.

How efficiently we can search in a search engine i will show you in the next lesson.

Make the right choice

When is it best to use a directory and when is it better to use a search engine.

This is different for all users but i will tell you how i do it. Use a directory when you know exactly what you want and use a search engine for all other things.
A example:
I want to buy a Iphone cell phone but i don't know where to start.

When i use the directory i will get 261 pages who refer to this.

When i enter the same keyword in the search engine i will get 699.000.000 pages that have something to do with the subject im looking for.

Its best to find out for yourself when to use one or when to use another.