Google online training course

Google search engine lesson 3, Images and feeling lucky

I'm feeling lucky

When you enter "iphone 4s" into Googles searchbar and click the "Google search" button you will get over 250 million results. And thats alot. But on the right of this button there is another second button named "I'm feeling lucky".
When you click this button you won't get millions of results but Google will decide which website is the most interesting for you.

Just try it and see if you are lucky today or not.

Maybe at first you don't see it because of its very simple and unique design but google is more than just a simple search engine.

When we look at the top of our Google page we will see links like "Web, images, videos, maps, news, gmail and more.

Searching images

The first button is "Images".
When we click on this and search for a certain image, Google will look on its server to images related to the keyword you entered.
These images aren't images from Google but images that have been borrowed by Google and are places on the servers of Google. Like what they do with pages, you don't search the internet but you search in the database of Google.
The last time i read about it and thats allready a few years ago it said that there are more than a billion images in the database of Google. I dont know if this is true because i never started counting them, but i'm sure there are alot of them.

When we clicked the "Search images" button, Google will show us a thumbnail of all images that he found in its database which are related to our keyword.

When we hover our mousebutton over a image we will get some information about the image like size, extension and the url adress.
On the leftside you can also refine your search by choosing to search on a different size, color, subject or timeframe.
By clicking on of of the options Google will automaticly adjust the searches.

When we click on an image we will be brought to another page in the Google database. This page consists of two parts, what you see here is called frames in a webdesign world.
On this page we will see our image in the center, a website in the background and a few selectable options on the rightside.
On the rightside of the page there are a few options which seem obvious to me. When clicking on "Website for this image" you will be brought to the webpage where this image can be found. "Full-size image" will make the selected image appear on full screen.
When we rightclick on the image we will get a dropdown menu with a few options like saving this image on your computer.
If you are planning on doing so its best to ask the owner of the website first if he doesn't mind you taking his image. If something is on the internet it doesn't mean you can just take it.


The second button on the top of your Google page is the "Videos" button.
This option is allmost the same as image search only this is like you maybe have guessed it for videos.
Searching for a video is easy. Just enter the topic of the video you want to search and press the "Magnifying glass icon".
The search results are basicly links with detailed information to video websites like youtube, ehow and metacafe.
Below the searchbar are our searchresults showing information like the title (1), website (2), basic info (3) and desription (4).
When you click the title or preview image of the video you will be redirected directly to the website the video is published on.
If you hover or the rightpointing markers (5) next to the search results you will get four small preview videos of the selected.
On the leftside of the search results you can narrow your search by clicking any of the options like duration, quality or source of the video.