Google online training course

Google search engine lesson 4, Google Maps

Google maps

The third link i will be discussing is Maps.
When we click this button we will get to see a map of probably the United States, a searchbar and a few buttons.
What can we search with maps ?
We can look for a street, city, country, place, landmark, shop and anything else that comes in your mind.
I will give you an example:
Lets say i am a tourist in New York and i want to go to see a movie tonight but i dont know where to find one. Type "Cinema Ney York" in the search bar and hit the search button.
What opens next is a streetmap of manhatten with lots of red dots on it and some circles with letters in them. All those red dots are known cinemas in Manhatten and the red dots with letters in them are cinemas with basic information in Google maps.
On the leftside inside the map we can see a few icons. The circle icon with arrows pointing in each direction is used to pan in any direction you want the map to go to. The second icon that is just a dot will bring the map to your exact location if you are using a mobile device. Next is the yellow man symbol that is used to activate Google streetview which i will explain more about later. And lastly there is a zoombar, by either clicking the "-" or "+" sign, or moving the scrollbar up or down with your mousecursor you can zoom in or out on the map.
Left of the map there is a cinema list that have a desciption in Google maps, The letter infront of the cinema description will tell you where that cinema is located on the map, and if you click that letter it will show you exactly where it is on the map.

Again you can search anything that you need to find just experiment with Google maps and you will be amazed how much you can find.

Display options

On the rightside in the map you can see two small white squares that say satellite and traffic and these control your display options.
When you hover on satellite a dropdown menu will unfold with options that you can activate like traffic, weather, terrain, photos and more.
These give you the choice to add certain information on the map like so:
Traffic: Will show you live traffic conditions so when your setting up a route you know where to avoid.
Weather: This will give you local and global weather conditions.
Videos: When activated you will see all kinds of thumbnails popup in the map, these are all youtube videos near or on that location.
Wikipedia: Will show you geographicly based articles of wikipedia with direct links to a full article.
Bicycling: Are great option to find biking trails and routes in your city or elsewhere.
Webcams: This will show webcam images which are taken of the last hour of the location your viewing.
Transit: All public transport routes will be layed out on the map when active.
Terrain: This will activate geographical and topographical details on the map.
Photos: Thousands of photos of your location will appear in maps uploaded by users of Google earth or Panoramio.

Get directions

Are you new in town, on vacation or need to find that one street you have never been ? Then a great button for you is the "Get directions" button.
Once you click "Get directions" you will see four new buttons (1) and two text areas (2).
The four buttons represent the mode of transportation you want to use for planning your route and you have the choice of car, public transport, bicycle or on foot.
In the next two text bars you need to fill in your starting point (A) and the place you are going to (B). This can be either a street, location, city, landmark, store or anything that comes into mind. Once you are finished click the blue "Get directions" (3) button and your route will be calculated.

The result will give you the fastest route to your destination with detailed information and the possibility to choose a different route.