Google online training course

Google search engine lesson 5, Google News, Gmail and more

Google news

What can be very interesting and especially cheap since you don't need to buy a newspaper anymore is Google News.
What Google does is they let their Spider crawl some news websites on the internet and put their news messages into groups. The more a keyword is being searched on the web the higher and article will come in the news results.

My personal opinion about Google News is good to very good.


Gmail or Google mail is according to Google a kind of webmail with the idea that using email can be intuitive, efficient and simple.
If you want to use their email service you need to create a Google account if you haven't made one yet.

My opinion about Gmail is good. Its one of the few good free email services that the web has to offer.


If you click on the downpointing arrow on the "More" button it will show you a dropdown menu with alot options.
And if you click on the last option "Even more" then you will be brought to a page with available google products.
For some you need to make a Google account and for others you don't.
There are some nice and usefull programs in here but this depends on your personal needs. Just go to this page and try them out.