Google online training course

Google search engine lesson 6, Google search

Google search

When we do a search in Google or any other search engine we will get a list of results divided into different pages.
Let me first explain to you what you can see on the result page.

On the top we can see the number of results Google has found and how long it took him to find these.
Below that are the website adresses that could have something to do with the keywords we entered.
Such an adress exists of :

1. The title of the page
This can be found back in the titlebar of your browser when you will visit this site.
2. The url adress of the page
3. The description of the website or page

When we did a search in Google we most certainly will allways get some paid advertisements and that we can find on the top and rightside of the search results with the text "Sponsored links"

Sponsored ads are paid ads from companies who pay Google to place them on top of the search results with certain keywords.
When you click one of these links an advertiser will pay a certain fee to Google, If you don't click then no costs will be made. The price that an advertiser pays to Google is set by the advertiser himself. Depending on the keyword and product the price can be anywhere from $ 0,01 to $ 15,00 per click.

Don't be scared though the person who clicks on these advertisements never have to pay.
The costs are all for the advertiser.