Google online training course

Google search engine lesson 7, Advanced search

Advanced search

If you don't want to use qoutation, plus or minus signs then just let Google do all the work for you.
To do this click on the cogwheel icon topright of the screen and from the dropdown menu choose "Advanced search".
This will open the advanced search window.

The first four text areas are in fact no more than replacements of the signs which i explained to you in lesson 2.
The first box are all the words you want to find.
The keywords you enter in the second box will be placed between qoutation marks.
The keywords in the third box will be provided with a plus sign.
And the keywords you enter in the fourth box will be provided with a minus sign.

All the other fields can be used to specify your search even further like for the date, region, language and even filetype. Just look at these options more closely and you will figure them out.
By using these alot of your frustrations when you need to find something on the internet can help you minimize them.
When your done just click "Advanced search".

Quick note: when you dont want to have some pornographic sites turn up in the search results when using words like for example "Breast" just enable the checkbox next to "Safesearch.

Search settings

When you click on the cogwheel icon again in the topright corner of Google search and the choose "Search settings" You will be brought to the Google search settings page where the user can set certain preferences like for example the language of the interface.
All the settings that you change here will stay this way untill you change them again.
So when you restart your computer and start Google search again your settings will be the same as when you last saved them.

You can set a language for the pages you only wish to search.
You can set a safesearch filter. Like for example when you have children who aren't allowed to search for erotic or pornographic websites you will check the safesearch box that says "Use strict filtering (Filter both explicit text and explicit images)".

You can enable or disable Google instant. Google instant is a tool that when you are entering your keywords will automaticly bring you to the search results page without needing to press enter or the search button. With each letter added or deducted it will immediatly give you new search results.

You can set the number of results that will be shown to you each page.
By default this is set to 10 and personally i like this setting, having 30 or more results on one page can be quite overwhelming.
And you can also choose to open the search results in a new window in the next setting "Results window".