Google online training course

Google search engine lesson 8, Language tools

Language tools

We can open Google search engine language tools by clicking on the cogwheel in the topright of the screen once more and choose "Language tools".
In the first box we can search for pages with one or more keywords that we want to translate to another language.
Depending on what language you choose as "My language" you can choose more or less languages. Obviously the most translatable is the English language.

I have to say not all the translations are very good but in some cases they can really get somewhere. If there is a whole page you want to have translated then you can at least get an idea what that page is all about.

The second box is a translater just like Google translate.
The language that you select in the first dropdown menu will be translated into the language of the second dropdown menu.
Once again don't take all the translations as correct.

In the third box we can enter a website adress which will be entirely translated.

The fourth second can be used to see tips, links and messages of Google in another language. This option can also be found in "Search settings" from our last lesson.
The only difference is, is that this change of preferences is not permanent.

And in the last part we can visit the Google webpage in any country where Google is represented.