Google online training course

Google search engine lesson 9, Scholar, labs and help

Google scholar

With Google Scholar we can search the most relevant global scientific research.
You can search a broad range of disciplines and sources from one search engine.
articles, test papers, books, publications, univercities and other scientific organizations.
The Url adress for this is

Google Experimental

The most people have probably never heard of Google Experimental, this is the part where Google tries out new stuff before they present it to a bigger audience. You could call it beta testing.
The Url adress for this is

Here you can find "Things" where Googles programmers are still working on.
These will probably be implemnted in the future but this depends on alot factors.
If your just curious what Google has in store for you in the future come here and experiment a bit.

Google Helpcentra

Even if its a bit hidden, Google has a help section for its search engine.
To go there click "About google" on the bottom of the page and the "Get help" or just go to the Url
This brings us to the helpcentra window.

If you cannot find an answer to your question here you can allways ask your question in one of Googles help forums. To go there click on the textlink "Google help forums".