Google online training course

Google search engine lesson 10, Advanced Googling

Maximum amount of keywords

The maximum amount of keywords you can enter in one search is 32.
You can enter more but Google will only search for the first 32.
Personally i think this is more than enough.
Google and other search engines does not account with words like "the, and, are, has, now, then, etc.
These words are called stop words.
If you want Google to use stop words anyway then you need to place a plus sign (+) infront of the stop word.


If you want to search a keyword and the synonyms of that keyword you need to place the tilde sign (~) infront of your keyword.
Dont leave a space between the tilde sign and the keyword.
For example: If you search for Chicago ~college then Google will look for the colleges as well as the synonyms for the word college like university.

Search in certain file types

We can also search for certain words in something else than a webpage like for instance a Word document or a pdf file.
To do this we have two options.
First is via the textlink "Advanced search" from the cogwheel icon dropdown menu.

The second possibility is when you are entering your keyword in the searchbar enter "filetype:" and then the filetype.
For example: summer holiday filetype.doc
The results will show us Word files which contain our keywords.
The same rules apply with Pdf file (.pdf), Excell sheets (.xls) etc.

Search only in titles

When we make a search Google will start looking for pages that contain our keywords.
If these keywords are appear in the title or content of the page it doesn't matter. Google will show us all results.
We can search a bit more accurate by only searching in the titles of a page.

For example: when you are looking for "Google chrome" Google will give you over 400 million results. Every page that has anything to say about Google Chrome is being shown in the results.
But when we search on intitle:"google chrome", we will get just over four million results.
Google will only show us the pages that has our keywords in their titles.
The difference is 396 million pages.

So when you want to search only in the titles of the webpages you need to place "intitle:" infront of your keywords.
And place the keywords in between qoutation marks.

Do you have multiple keyworsd and you didn't place them between qoutation marks then Google will only look for the first keyword in the title and the next words in the content of the page.
For example: we entered intitle:google chrome, now Google will look for the word google in the title and chrome in the content of the page.

Can you still follow me ?
Good then lets proceed to the next lesson.