Google online training course

Google search engine lesson 11, Advanced Googling (part 2)

Search in URL

With Google its also possible to look for certain words which appear in the internet adress.
Lets say you are in a bar and a friend gives you an internet adress.
The next day you wake up and the only thing you can remember is the word "training".
Well its possible to search for all internet adresses with that certain word.
To do this type the following inurl:training in the Google searchbar and push the search button.
Google will give you all URLs which contain the keyword training.

Search in a website

When you a searching a keyword with Google it will give you results of all websites where this word is found.
But you can also search for a keyword only in a single website.
For example: You want to find all pages that contain the keyword "internet" in this website.
To do this type internet in the Google searchbar and push the search button.
Google will now show you the results of all pages that contain the word internet of the website

Is there a keyword that you want to search but you want to exclude a certain website then you need to put the minus sign infront of the word "site".
For example: internet

Do you want to exclude all websites with the .com extension then you type internet

Search links

If you want to know which websites have a link to your website you need to type the following in the Google searchbar: link:
The results will show all the websites that have a link on their pags to the website you asked.
And i don't know if you know this but the more websites that have a link to yours the better you will score in Googles search results.

Google calculator

You can also use Google as a calculator, to do this just enter your formula into the search button and push the search button.
Google will show you the result on top of the page.

You can even use Google to calculate how many gallons a litre is or how many inch a centimetre is. To try this enter 100 inches into the searchbar and Google will automaticly tell you this is 2.54 metres.

Google Dictionary

To use Google as a dictionary enter the word define: before a keyword.