Google online training course

Google search engine lesson 12, Other search engines


Google isnt the only search engine although its the one that is used the most. There are many others. To much to discuss here actually so i will only talk about the three biggest ones here.

The second largest is
Yahoo started in 1984 as a search directory but in the early 90s they choose to add a search engine also.
Nowadays they added many services like Yahoo mail, Yahoo messenger and many more.
As you can see they need to expand and keep developing to keep up with their competitors.

On the leftside of the Yahooscreen we can stll find the search directory.
And on top you can find the searchbar for Yahoo.
Yahoos search engine is very simular to the one from Google, all the signs that you can use in Google like the minus sign and quotation marks can also be used in Yahoo.

MSN or Bing

Also Microsoft has its own search engine that can be found at or which are in fact both the same
At the start of this service these search engines would get their results from another search engine named Looksmart.
But nowadays its a fully function search engine.
Bing is becoming more and more popular and is a rising star in the search engine market.