picasa online training course

Picasa lesson 2, Basics 101

The user interface

First let me explain you what is it you are seeing when Picasa is openend.
On top we have the menubar.
In the menubar we have a few names with commands.
When you click on one of these commands a dropdown menu will unfold to give us choices of different functions. When you choose a function with a arrow behinds its name a second dropdown will unfold.
Underneath the menubar there is a buttonbar. Most of these buttons will be explained in a later lesson.

Next you can see the Picasa library.
The library is divided into two parts. On the leftside we have the folderlist and on the rightside there is a workspace (2).
In the folderlist you can see different kinds of folders which are scanned by Picasa to look for photos.
In the workspace you can find those photos back in thumbnail form which are in the currently selected folder in the folderlist.
We use the scrollbar on the rightside to view the different kinds of photos in the workspace or different kinds of folders in the folderlist.
Pushing on the down- or uppointing arrow on your keyword will have the same effect as using the scrollbar.

On the bottom of Picasa there is a photobar with on the rightside a few function buttons.
If you select a photos in the workspace this one will appear in the photobar.
There is also a scrollbar in the photobar. By using this you can set the size of photos in the workspace.

picasa user interface
What you need to know and remember is that all the folders which appear in the folderlist are folders which are scanned by Picasa and are found on your computer.
Piscasa doesn't make folders itsself. The only thing that Picasa does is make a 'Library' of existing files with photos.
This doesn't mean we cannot make new folders in Picasa. But i will explain more about this in a later lesson.
If you transfer a photo in Picasa from one folder to another ( this is done by clicking on it from the workspace to another folder in the folderlist ) then the original, in other words the one on your harddrive will be tranferred also.
If you change the name of the folder by rightclicking it in the folderlist and choose to "Edit folder description" in the dropdown menu, then you also change the foldername on your harddrive.

By default these folders are being sorted by the date they are made.
You can change this by clicking on the downpointing arrow in the buttonbar and choose "Sort by recent changes". "Sort by size, or "Sort by name".
A second way to do this is to click "Folder" in the menubar and choose "Sort by" and select a option in the dropdown menu which will unfold.

picasa sort
By clicking on the folder on top of the workspace the correspondent windowsfolder will open.

This shows the location of the photos on your computer.
The same thing is done by right clicking on the folder in the folderlist and then choose "Locate on disk" from the dropdown menu.

location of photos
When you select one or more photos in the workspace these will be displayed in the photobar.
You select multiple photos by holding down the Ctrl-key on your keyboard and chosing each photo individually. And you can hold down the Shift-key to select as much as you want adjoining photos.
If you want to hold the photos into the photobar you push the button "Hold selected items" (1).

If you want to remove photos from the photobar you need to click the button "Clear items from the selection" (2).
Once a photo is in the photobar we can use the functions on the rightside of the photobar (3).
All these functions will be discussed in a later lesson.

picasa functions