picasa online training course

Picasa lesson 3, Organize

Folder management

When we opened Picasa for the first time we were asked if we wanted all our folders scanned on our computer for photos or only a part of this ( see Lesson 1 ).
We can adjust this at any moment.
To do this click on "Tools" and choose "Folder manager" from the dropdown menu.
This will open the "Folder manager" window.

folder management
On the leftside of the newly opened window you call see all the folders that are on our computer.
On the rightside of the window we have three options to scan the various folders.
The first option is "Scan once".
This will scan the folder once for photos, if any changes are made into this folder then nothing will change in Picasa.
The second option "Remove from Picasa" will never show photos from this folder in Picasa. This doesn't mean however that the folder will be removed from your computer.
The third option "Allways scan" will automaticly scan the folder and add the new photos which were added to Picasa.

To ass or remove a folder from Picasa you select the folder on the leftside and you will make the choice you want on the rightside.

Depending on your choice a icon matching this option will appear next to the folder you have selected.
This is conveniant so its clear to us which folders are being scanned and which ones are not.
You can change the settings for each folder at any time.

Adding photos manually

Another way to add photos is to do this manually.
To do this click on "File" in the menubar and then choose "Add file to Picasa".
In the window that will open you need to navigate to the folder on your computer where the files are located which you want to add to Picasa.
Then select one or more files which you want to add and click on the button "Open".

adding files manually
Picasa will automaticly add all selected photos to the library in a new folder.
The name of this new folder will be the same as the folder from which you have imported the photos. You can also change this name later by right clicking on it in the folderlist of Picasa and choose "Edit folder description".

Adding from photo camera

We can also add the photos we made with a camera diretly to Picasa.
The only requirement for this is that the camera is connected to the computer and for it to be on.
When this is done click on "Import" in the buttonbar.

import button
This will open the "Import" window.
Normally when this window is opened Picasa will automaticly find you camera, if this is not the case you should click next to "Import From" and select the camera from the dropdown menu.

Now all photos that are on the camera will be loaded into the window and will be displayed on the leftside in small thumbnails.
If you want to import all photos you should click "Import all".
If you only want to import some selected photos you should click "Import selected".
All this seems pretty obvious right ?

There are two ways in selecting the photos you want to select for importing.
One way is to hold down the Ctrl-key and select each individual photo by itself, or another way would be to hold down the shift-key to select all the photos which are aligned next to each other. Just give it a try.

To exclude a photo you can right click it in the thumbnail window and you choose "Exclude file" from the dropdown menu.
On the excluded photos a icon will appear of a circle with a red cross. This icon will appear on both the thumbnail and the preview on the right.

You also need to select a folder where you want the imported files to be saved on your computer, to do this select or name a folder where it says "Folder title" underneath the thumbsnails.

Navigating between the photos can be done by clicking on the thumbnail or clicking on the left and right pointing arrows underneath the preview image. Its possible to rotate photos with the circling arrow buttons also underneath the preview image.

picasa import window
When you are done selecting photos and you have clicked either "Import all" or "Import selected" you will be taken back to the library where Picasa will start importing.
In the bottomright corner a progressbar will appear in which you can see how far Piscasa is with importing your photos.
Now your new folder is added to the library and is added on your computer in the location you have given in the "Import" window.

import finished