picasa online training course

Picasa lesson 4, Organize photos

Moving photos

I explained to you in Lesson 2 how you move one photo from one folder to another in Picasa.
If you may have forgotten, you select the photo(s) in the workspace and drag these to another folder in the folderlist.
When you release the mousebutton Picasa will show a warning window to ask if you are sure of this action.
To confirm click on the "Move files" button.
When you move a photo in Picasa it will also be moved on your harddrive.

moving files

Renaming photos

To change the filename of one or multiple photos you need to select the photo(s), click "File" in the menubar and choose "Rename" from the dropdown menu.
The keyboard shortcut for this is F2.

In the window that will open you enter the new name which you want to give to the file.
If you want you can also add a date and resolution to the filenames.

rename files
The first option is conveniant when you have selected multiple photos. Because all photos all get the same name you will still be able to see differences in their name because the date will also be added in the filenames so they eventually have not completly the same names.

When your done renaming click on "Rename".
As you can see in the image below all selected photos have been give the same name. Only the time is different in their filenames.


Adding keywords

In Picasa its possible to add keywords to a photo.
This may come in handy when your library may contain hundreds or even thousands of photos and we need to find a photo with a certain subject.
To add one or multiple keywords to a photo you need to select the photos and click "View" and the choose "Tags" from the dropdown menu. The keyboard shortkey to open this is Ctrl-T.

In the window that will appear on the rightside of Picasa you will type in a word and the click the "+" button to add the keyword(s).
You can add as many keywords as you want.

If you want to remove a keyword from the list of tags just hover over the keyword so that a grey bar will appear with a red cross on its right side, to remove the keyword click on the red cross.

When you are done editing the keywords click on the grey cross on the rightside of the word "Tags".

The same can be done when you want to add the same keyworsd to multiple photos.
The only difference is that you need to select the photos in the workspace first before you open the keyword window.

remove keywords

Rating photos

When there are certain photos in the Picasa library which we really like you can give them a star rating.
To do this first select the photo in the library and click on the star icon "Add/Remove Star" on the bottom left of the photobar.
Photos which you have given a star show the icon of a star when looking at the thumbsnails in the workspace.

rating photos
You can also add a star to multiple photos by selecting those photos and then clicking the star button "Add/Remove Star".
If you want to remove a star to a photo which you have given one you need to do the same as giving a star. Just select the photo and click the star button "Add/Remove Star".

Quick note : photos which you have given a star are also automaticly added into a special album. More about albums in the next lesson.

sharred photos

Deleting photos

If you want to remove a photo, maybe because you know you will never get together with your ex again, you just select the photo(s) in the workspace and press the delete key on your keyboard.

A warning window will appear with the question if you are sure you want to delete the photo(s). If you click "Remove image" it will be placed in your recycle bin on the desktop and the only way to get it back is to open the recycle bin, rightclicking the photo and choose to "Put back" in the dropdown menu.

When you remove the photo from the recycle bin you will lose the photo forever.