picasa online training course

Picasa lesson 5, Albums

Adding albums

In Picasa we use albums to classify the imported photos with criteria which is set by yourself.
To put one or multiple photos in a album you first select the photo(s) which you want to place in your new album and click on the button "Add selected items to album".
This will open a window "Album Properties" where you can give a name ,date, location and description for the album. Filling in a location and description is optional.
Click on the "Ok" button when you are done.

adding albums
All the photos you have selected will be added in the new album.
Albums are shown on top of the folderlist.
The amount of photos that are inside the album is being shown between the questionmarks. The same can be said for folders.

amount of photos
Do you have multiple photos which you want to put in the same album but they are divided in different folders, you will first need to select the photos from the first map.
Next push the button "Hold selected items" in the photobar.
Then open the next folder by selecting it in the folderlist.
Next select the photos you want to have in the album and push the "Hold selected items" button again.
If you want to add photos from more than two folders just repeat this process till your finished.
If you dont know where the button "Hold selected items" is, i refer you back to lesson 2 (the last image).

Important ! The difference between a album and a folder is that the photos in a album aren't actually in the album but only virually. The album itself is also only virtually and can only be seen in Picasa.
A folder however does really contain all the photos.
In other words if you remove a album the photos will still remain on your computer.
If you remove a folder then all photos will really be deleted from your computer.

So by using albums you can manage your photos the way you want without actually moving them on your harddrive.

Adding photo to existing album

Adding a photo to an existing album is really easy.

First select the photo or photos.
Next push the button "Add selected items to a album".
In the list that will appear you will choose the album where you want to add the photo(s).

add photo to album
A second way to do this is to right click on a photo and choose "Add to album" and then click on the album where you want to add the photo from the dropdown menu.

Removing a photo from a album

To remove a photo from a album you first need to select the album in the albumlist.
Next you will select the photo and push the Delete-key on your keyboard.

In the window that will appear you need to push the "Remove image" button to delete it from the album.
When you remove a photo from a album this photo will not be removed from your computer. This will remain in the folder where its allways been.

One photo in multiple albums

In Picasa we have the possibillity to place one photo in multiple albums.
This can come in handy especialy when you know you will place photos under certain categories.
To set one photo in multiple albums you need to select the photo ( this can be in a album or folder ).
Next click the button "Add selected items to an album" and select another album.
The photo will now appear in both albums.

You can add one photo to as many albums as you would like.

Removing albums

To remove an album you need to right click on it in the folderlist and choose "Delete album" in the dropdown menu.
If you remove an album then the photos that will be in that album will not be removed from your computer.
The photos in an album are virtual and aren't really in this album. I know i have told this a few times allready but i want to repeat it so its clear to everyone.

There is only one album which cannot be removed in this way.
And thats the album called "Starred photos". Remember, this album was automaticly made when you gave stars some photos.
This album will automaticly disappear when you remove all the stars from your photos.