picasa online training course

Picasa lesson 6, Basic editing

What you need to know

When you edited a photo you have to save this photo.
Unlike other software Picasa will NOT ask you if you want to save the photo, Picasa will ask you if you want to alter it but this is not the same.
The edited photo will stay edited in the Picasa library but isn't altered in the folder on your computer.

So if you have made changes in a photo first save it by clicking "File" in the menubar and choose to "Save" in the dropdown menu.
Its even beter to choose "Save as" in the dropdown menu so you will still have the original image just in case anything will go wrong.

There are a few ways to edit a photo.

You dubbleclick on a photo.
You select the photo and push the Enter-key on your keyboard.
Or you rightclick on the photo and choose "View and edit".
Whatever you do you will allways be brought to the "Editing page".

On top of the editing page we have a workbar with the button "Back to library", what this does is obvious.
To the right is the "Play" button. When we click on this a dia slideshow will start from the different photos in full screen mode.
Push the Escape-key on your keyboard or click on "Exit" in the navbar on the bottom of the slideshow to close it again.

On the right of the "Play" button there are some buttons and thumbnails to navigate through the different photos inside the current folder or album.
This may come in handy when for example you want to edit a few photos at the same time. For example making them all black and white. If you want to do this first place all the photos in the same album, double click on a photo in the album, make this black/white, select the next photo and make this black/white, the next photo, and so on....
This way you don't need to go back to the library first to edit the next photo.

And finaly we have the button "Upload to your web albums dropbox" which i will tell more about later.

On the rightside of the "Editing window" you can find three tabs: "Basisfixes, Tuning and Effects". All of these will help you edit photos and are further explained in this lesson.

picasa buttons explained


The first button on the first tab is the button "Crop".
On top of the leftside of the screen "Crop photo" there is a downpointing arrow where we can choose between thirteen different options.
Which one you will choose depends on the purpose of your cropping, so it will be difficult for me to teach you anything about this. Is it for a CD cover you choose this option, is it for a slideshow on your widescreen tv you will need to choose this option, in other words choosing your option depends on what you need to crop the photos for.
But whatever ratio you choose, by clicking and draging it into the photo you will choose what part of the photo you want to crop.
By clicking and draging the edges of the cropping area you will alter the size of the crop itself.
If you have choosen a certain setting then the width as well as the height will be adjusted according to the crop.
When you choose "Manual" you can change the height and width independently.

picasa cropping
Click the "Preview" button to see a preview".
Click the "Reset" button to reset your crop selection.
Click the "Apply" button to apply your current selection.
Click the "Cancel" button to return to the "editing window".

Place your mousecursor in the selected area of the photo, then your cursor will change to a "hand" and you are able to drag your selection in the photo by clicking and holding the mouse button.