picasa online training course

Picasa lesson 8, Basic editing (part 3)


If you want to add some text to a image click the button "Text" in the editing window.
With the cursor click in the photo where you want to add the text. But don't worry you can still move this text.
From the moment you have clicked you can start typing text.
The options on the leftside of the of the textediting screen can be set before you start typing or when you have allready finished... It goes either way.
The different type of options seem clear to me.
You can alter the design of the text in your photo at any time by selecting it and making the changes.

adding text

Tuning Tab

On the "Tuning" tab in the editing window we have a few advanced options to adjust the lighting and color of a photo.

The first scrollbar will only make the dark parts of a photo lighter.

The second scrollbar will make the entire photo lighter.

The third scrollbar will make the entire photo darker.

You can undo all the changes at any time by pressing "Undo Tuning".

If you don't want to play with all these options just click the magic wand button which does "One-click fix for lighting" (1) or "One-click fix for color" (2) and Picasa will do the rest.

I will let you decide for yourself if Picasa does this properly.

tuning options

Effects Tab

On the "Effects" tab we can see twelve different effects we can apply on a photo.
You can apply one effect on a photo but its also possible to apply multiple effects.
In this example i will take a photo which i have taken last year and will put a effect in it so it will look like an old picture.

The first effect that i will add is the B/W effect, in other words black/white.
The second effect i will apply is "Warmify".
Next i will select "Sepia".
Next "Film grain".
Now i will click "Sepia" four times.
And i will click "Film grain" six times.

The result will look like this:

result of added effects
With these effects im sure you wouldn't expect this picture was made last year.