picasa online training course

Picasa lesson 9, Search

Searching photos

In Lesson 4 i showed you how you can add searchwords or keywords to a photo.
If you wish to find a photo with a certain subject fast i can only recommend you to add keywords to each photo in your Picasa library.
It will cost you a bit more time to give all the right properties to your photos in Picasa but i will save you so much time when you are looking for a certain photo.

What i forgot to tell you before is that when you add a keyword to a photo, Picasa will next time when you are typing automaticly show you the keyword that resembles the one you are typing.

The only thing you need to do is to select the keyword and click the "Add" button.

using search
To search for one or more photos you can enter a keyword or multiple keywords in the searchbar.
The moment you start typing Picasa will show the photos which have the keywords you added to them, displayed in the map where they reside in.

New in Picasa are the filters next to the searchbar.
These can be used in combination with the searchbar.
For example i will type the word "church" and it will show me all photos with this keyword. When afterwords i will click the filterbutton "Show starred photos only" then it will only show me photos of churches which i have also starred.

The searchbar is also not case sensitive so you dont need to worry about that when searching.

searching tags

Advanced search

I've explained that its possible to search on keywords and photo properties but thats not the only way to search.
You can also search photos by details of a folder.
Before i had made an album which contains all my photos that has apples in it and i gave it the name "Apples".

I have wonderfull pictures of green and red apples and i will show you a way to sub categorize this item.

I will put the green apples in a sub album by selecting these photos in the "Apples" album and click on "Add album" and next "New album" from the dropdown menu.

I will give the new album a name and description and i will click the "Ok" button.
advanced search
When i will search for "Green apples" now Picasa will only show me the results of the green apples.

search results
The description you have entered will appear underneath the album name.