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Picasa lesson 10, Movie making

Making movies

With Picasas Moviemaker we have the possibility to combine our photos, videos and muziek into a movie and create a windows mediafile.
As an example i have made a new album with the name "Movie". Very original right ? In the album i put four photos and a video file.

What you have to understand is that when you are making a movie in picasa this doesn't necessarily mean that you need to use videos, you can just as well use only photos from which you will make a slideshow or a combination of videos and photos where you will maybe add some music to.

To make a Picasa movie out of photos and videos which all are in the same album or folder you first select the map or folder and click the "Create movie presentation" button in the workspace.

To make a Picasa movie from photos and videos which are in different folders or albums just place them in the photobar and afterwards click the "Movie" button on the rightside of the photobar.

Don't panic, if there are certain photos or videos which you dont want to have in your Picasa video you can allways remove it at a later time.

removing items
Whatever way you open Picasas moviemaker you can allways find three tabs.
All of these i will explain in the next lesson.
Picasa will also make a extra slide infront of the movie with the text of your album name and the date of creation.
If you want to remove a photo or videofile from your Picasa movie just rightclick on the thumbnail on the bottom of the moviemaker and choose "Remove" in the dropdown menu. This is the same for the extra slide Picasa has added for you.

When your Picasa movie is just the way you like it you can click "Create movie".

creating movie
Depending on the amount of photos and videos you have used it may take a while before the movie is created.
This is the loading bar for the movie:

the loading bar
Once Picasa is done creating the movie it will automaticly play.
You can allways find your Picasa movie in the folder "Movies" in your library.

movie folder