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Picasa lesson 11, Editing

Editing movies

When you have allready made a movie and want to edit this later on just doubble click the movie in the workspace and next click the "Edit movie" button on top of the movie.

edit movie
Through the tabs movie, slide and clips we can change the movie settings, add text t the slides and add new images.

3 tabs
Let me explain these differnt types of tabs and their functions.

The tab "Movie"

We use this tab to adjust the sound, looks and transitions of our movie.

We can use the upper part "Audio track" to add music to our movie.
Picasa supports WAM and MP3 sound formats. Click on the button "Load" when you want to add some music.
When you added your music to the movie then you have three options to sync your music with your photos.

With the second part "Transition style" you control the transition between two photos.
By adjusting the scrollbar "Slide duration" you can control how much time will be spend on each slide.
By adjusting the scrollbar "Overlap" you can change the time of the overlap between two slides.

In the third part "Dimensions" set the size of your movie. If its a movie you only need to play on your computer you can choose a big size. Do you want to place it somewhere else like for example Youtube then the 640X480 format is big enough. Remember when placing a video on youtube it cannot excess a certain amount of megabytes.

With the first checkbox "Show captions" you can choose to show photo captions in your movie.
With the second checkbox "Full frame photo crop" all the photos will be cropped so the slidespace will be completely filled.

The tab "Slide"

We use this tab to add text to the slides in the movie.
You can add text on top of a image or make a textslide as a titlepage or subpage in your movie.
To add text to a slide first you need to select the slide in the thumbnailwindow, you select the tab "Slide" and type your text in the textarea. The design of the text we can set with the optios above the textarea.

Each movie is foreseen with a titleslide where the title and the date of your album is shown by default like i explained in the previous lesson.
If you would like to change this text just select the slide in the thumbnailwindow and select the tab "Slide" to change the text.

When however you want to add a new textslide you first select the photo in the thumbnail window where you want to add the textslide add click the button "Add new textslide".

add new text slide

The tab "Clips"

We use this tab to add photos or when these are added we can remove them here.

Click on th button "Get more".
Select the photos you want from the library and then click the button "Back to moviemaker" on the bottom of the screen when you are done.

back to movie maker
The new images are now shown in your library in the tab "Clips".

With the "+" button you insert to photo at the end of your Picasa movie and also remove it from you library in the "Clips" tab.

If you remove the photo from the thumbnail window then it will be placed back in the library of the "Clips" tab.

To move photos in your Picasa movie just click and drag these in the thumbnail window to the place you want to have them.
With the "-" button you will remove the photo from the "Clips" tab.

If you want to see the movie in full screen before you will save it you can push the button "Play full screen".
If you are satisfied with the result click the button "Create movie" or if you want to publish it on youtube then click the button "Youtube".

movie options