picasa online training course

Picasa lesson 12, Photo sharing

The "Share" button

When we have organised and edited our photos we can start sharing our photos with others.
There are a few ways to do this.
The first which i want to discuss with you is the "Share" button.
You can find this button on top of the workspace.
We use this button when we want to upload all photos in a folder or album to Picasa webalbums and when we want to invite friends out of the online album to see the photos. The size of the photos that you upload to Picasa webalbums can be 20MB maximum.

share button
The first requirement to upload photos to a Picasa webalbum is that you have a Google account. If you don't have this yet you need to make one first.

Click on "Sign up for webalbums" if you want to do this.

When you allready have a Google account you just enter your name and password into the required field and click the "Sign in" button.

Picasa will upload the photos and videos in the folder to your account of Picasa webalbums.

web albums
When its done uploading you can click the button "View online".

A small sidenote:
If you want the edited photos which are in Picasa to be directly shown in your webalbum then you have to enable the sync function. This is easily done by clicking the downpointing arrow next to the "Share" button and then choose "Enable sync" from the dropdown menu.
When you want to disable the sync function just respeat this process or click the button "Stop sync" next to the "Share" button.


The second way to share your photos with others is the "Upload" button.
You can find this as well as other buttons to share our photos with other on the bottom of Picasa in the Photobar.

This button is used when you want to upload your selected photos to your Picasa webalbum.
So when doing this first place the photos you want to upload in the photobar and then click the "Upload" button.
For this you also need to be signed in to your Google account.

Select one of you existing online albums or click "New" to make a new album.
When you choose to make a new album its recommend you first enter a albumtitle and description.

Choose the uploadformat you want.
For the visibility of the album we have a few options:
"Public on the web" means it will be searchable for anyone who is also using Picasa webalbum.
"Anyone with the link" means it will be accesisible for anyone with the link to your gallery.
"Private" means you control who has access to the album and visitors need to be logged in to their Google account to check their identity.

upload to web albums


You can use this button to send some photos to friends or family quickly through the email provider of your choice.


The "Print" button opens a window with a few options which are very obvious to me and shouldn't need explaining.
Picasa will automaticly adjust the selected photos to the settings you choose.



The "Shop" button will open a new window with a list of online shops where we can order prints. Picasa automaticly uploads all selected photos to the website of the printer so you can order your prints without a problem.


We use the "Export" button in Picasa to save copies of our edited photos. During this process you can set a destination for your exported photos, the photo size and the quality for the exported files.

First select the photos.
Click the "Export" button.
In the next window "Export to folder" you select the export settings you want:
1. Export location.
2. Image size.
3. Image quality.

With the setting for image size you can use the original size of the photo or use the scrollbar to select a adjusted size in pixels. The amount of pixels that you select with this scrollbar will determine the height and width of your photo.

With the setting for image quality you select the quality of the photo with the dropdown menu:
'Automatic': the original photo quality is kept.
'Normal': the quality and size will be balanced.
'Maximum': in large filetypes the details will be kept.
'Minimum': quality will be lost for a smaller qualityformat.
'Custon': you can select your own values here.

If you choose to add a watermark to your photos you can use this checkbox and type the text you want to use as a watermark in your photos.
Click the "Ok" button when you are done.