picasa online training course

Picasa lesson 13, Photo sharing (part 2)


With the "Blogthis" button in the photowindow you can send a maximum of four pictures to Blogger from Picasa.
Select the photo(s) that you want to add to you blog. Keep the Ctrl key pushed down on your keyboard to select more than one photos.
Click on the button "Blogthis".
Enter the username and password of your Google account.
Click "Sign in".
When you have never used Blogger you will be asked if you want to me a blog.
In the following menu you can select the blog where you want to place your photos.
Select the photo layout and the size.
Click on "Continue".
A Blogger editor page will be opened with you photos on a HTML page.
Click "Publish" to complete uploading.


When you make a collage you have the full control of the layout and content of the collage.
Experiment with six different type of collages in the practical window to make collages.
To make a collage first select the photos which you want to add into your collage.
Click on the "Collage" button in the photobar.
Use the tabs "Settings" and "Clips" in the collage window to change the appearance and content of your collage.
In the tab "Settings" there are a couple of functions which seem clear to me without explaining them myself.
In the "Clips" tab we have the possibility to add photos to the collage.

The buttons on top of the collage window also seem pretty clear to me.
"Select all" will select all photos in the collage.
"Select none" shall select nothing at all.
The "Remove" button will remove the selected photos from the collage.
The "Set as background" button will make the selected photo the background of the collage.

The buttons on the bottom of the collage work as followed.
The "Scramble collage" button will make all photos in the collage move places.
The "Shuffle pictures" button will swap the photos in the collage.
And the "View and edit" button will open the selected photo in the editing window.

collage options
Click the button "Create collage" when you are ready.
When Picasa is done making the collage you can click the "Play" button to view it in full screen mode. To close this press the Escape key on your keyword, or click the "Close" button on the bottom of the menubar in the collage.

The collage you have just made will appear as a Picasa movie in your folderlist.

new collage location


Picasa gives you the possibility to link your photos to a specific location in Google earth.
Ok nice, but what does this mean ?
This means that Google earth will take information about the location in your photofile so the photo will be shown on a satellite map in Google earth.
The first is only applicable on the photo thats on your computer and the second will only be seen when you or better said someone on your computer uses Google earth.

This function can only be used when Google earth is installed on your computer.

Is this a usefull function ?
For me totally not but i cannot speak for others who might find it usefull.

To use this function first select the photos in Picasa.
Next click on the button "Geo-tag" in the photobar.
Google earth will be opened and a small Picasa window will be shown in the bottomright corner.
Navigate and zoom in on the location in Google earth that matches the place where your photo is made and place the yellow crossmark on that spot.
Click on "Geo-tag" to place the selected photo.
You can also click on "Geo-tag all" to add all selected photos to the same location.
When all the photos that you want have been foreseen with a geo-tag you can click on the "Done" button to finish.
When closing Google earth you will click on "Yes" to save the locations with geo-tags in the folder "My places".
Whenever you open Google you will get access to the photos in "My places".


My final subject is about publishing videos on Youtube.
The first requirement for this is that you have a Youtube account.
If you don't have one yet, make one first before using this function.
If you have one and you are signed in you will fill in the title, description, category and some tags of the movie.
Its required to fill in all these field.
Select the checkbox "Make this video public" when you want everyone to enjoy this movie.
And last click the "Upload video" button when you are done.
Once the movie is uploaded it will say so in the download window.
Click on ths and the rest of the world will be able to watch this video on youtube.