Pinnacle Studio online training course

Pinnacle Studio lesson 2, Settings

Project settings

The Choice between 4:3 or 16:9 is done automaticly.
The render folder is best not to put on your C drive since this is probably where your windows is running.
The default durations for transitions, titles/stills and volume fades can also be adjusted in this window.
You can also change these settings on the spot when you are editing your movie at a later time.

Video and Audio settings

Enable full resolution video preview when activated will play the preview on full resolution. When you deactivate the software will run faster and it doesnt effect the end results of your movie.

Enable hardware acceleration can make the software run faster if the graphics card of your computer is fit for this. This has to do with the processor and amount of memory your computer has.

Show full screen preview on will give you the choice to either show the preview on your main monitor or a second screen.

Microphone can be used to select the right microphone.

Enable background rendering will speed up the calculations of the used effects and filters if your graphics card is fit for this. You need to play with this setting to see if it works properly on your computer or not.

Its best not to change "Set codec automaticly".

Quick note: You can play with all settings but if you don't know what they will do its better if you dont change them. If you want to experiment anyway just take a not of all the default settings so you allways know how to restore them afterwards.