Pinnacle Studio online training course

Pinnacle Studio lesson 3, Import video

Importing video material

We have a couple of ways to import our video material:
Videotape or videosource: This will be used when you are importing a recording from your video camera.
Dvd or blue-ray: This will be used when you import a video from either dvd or blu-ray.
Stop motion: Can be used to make animated videos from live images.
Snapshot: Can be used to grab still images from your video device.

To go to the video importing page click on "View" and "Import" in the menubar.
A window will open named "Studio import".


When you click on the videocamera Pinnacle will start organizing the files on your camera and when its done show you previews of the files like such:

On the leftside of the screen you can choose in which folder you want to save imported files (1).
In the center you can choose which videos should be imported by checked them (2).
On the rightside you can choose to give your videos a new filename (3) when imported, but in most cases this won't be neccesairy.
All other settings should be left as they are.
When you are done click on "Start import" (4).

Dvd or blu-ray

In the "Studio import" window when we want to import a video file or files from dvd or blu-ray click on the "Dvd or blu-ray" link on the leftside of the screen.
Pinnacle Studio will now make a preview of the movies on the dvd or blu-ray.

The options are allmost the same as for importing from a videocamera.
Choose the folder you want to import to, and/or a new filename and choose the files you want to import.
When you are done with the settings, click on "Start import".