Pinnacle Studio online training course

Pinnacle Studio lesson 4, Edit video material

Edit video material

Editing video can be done in the storyboard, timeline or text view, which can be selected at (1).
In storyboard you have a more detailed view of the scenes and used transitions.
The timeline shows all options that exist.
Text view will probably not be used.
On the rightside of the tracks there are buttons to lock and hide the tracks (2).

On the top left of the screen you will find these buttons :

When the screen is maximized you will see this on the top right :

These buttons are used to undo, redo actions and to go to the help and support pages.
From the scene overview you can drag the wanted scene(s) to the timeline.
You can first look at a scene by double clicking on it.
If you don't push the pause button the next scene will automaticly start after the one you selected has ended.
The scenes you used in the timeline will be marked with a V.
When you click on a scene in the timeline the cursor will change into a hand.
When you hold down the mousebutton now you can drag this scene anywhere else on the timeline to change the sequence of your clips.
When you hover the cursor over the start of a scene it will change into a right pointing arrow, if you click the mousebutton at this moment and move to the right you will shorten the scene.
You can do the same at the end of a scene to shorten a scene at the end.
To adjust a scene more precise you need to double click a scene on the timeline to open the window below :

A film is recorded with 25 frames per second.
With the bar on the bottom of the scene you can change the start and the end of the scene.
Beneath every preview window you can see this timer :

By clicking on a up or downpointing triangle you can shorten or lengthen the scene frame by frame.
The timer in the middle is used to watch the scene.
Quick note: If you remove a part of the scene, nothing will be actually removed, the recorded film will stay complete on your computer, when you remove something here it only notes down what part of the scene needs to be shown.

Below the preview window you can also see these four buttons:

The first button can be used to add markers on the location of the scubber.
It can be usefull to mark a place on the timeline sometimes, its also possible to give this marker a name.
With the second button you can mute the sound when moving the scrubber over the timeline.
The third button can be used to splitt a scene in two on the scrubber location.
The last button is the delete button, when you drag a item from the timeline here it will be removed.
Personally i prefer to select the item and just press the "Delete" key on the keyboard.

The preview window has the following buttons:

From left to right you can see the buttons:
- Play
- Go to beginning
- Fast reverse
- Fast forward
- Loop playback

And to the right of the buttons you can see the time where the scrubber is located.

You can also start and stop playback of the film by pushing the spacebar on your keyboard (this works in allmost all video editing software).

Here you can see a audiotrack which is coupled with the videoclip.

The orange line is the volume.
When you hover the cursor over the orange line you can see the arrow change into a speaker.
If you hold down the mousebutton here and move the mouse up or down you can increase or decrease the volume.
However you will change the volume of a large part of the scene now.
Its better if you mark a part of the scene and then adjust the volume.
This can be done by rightclicking on a start and end and choose for "Add volume setting" from the dropdown menu.
This way you can adjust the volume very precisely and can be very usefull when for example something dropped on the floor when you were filming which made a very loud noise.
Later on you also have to take other sound tracks in account, all sounds have to be equally balanced of course.

If you don't want to take alot of time making a movie, its also possible to let Pinnacle software make a movie automaticly.
To do this you need to click on "Video toolbox" and next "Create music video automaticly" as shown in the image below.

You need to fill in some fields here and when you are ready click on "Create smart movie".
But don't be suprised if the movie isn't all that great.

Quick note: By default the project will be saved with the name "My movie".
Its important to give a name to the clip yourself by clicking on "File" and "Save project as".
Make sure the project is saved in the right folder.