Pinnacle Studio online training course

Pinnacle Studio lesson 5, Transitions

Placing transitions

Transitions are used between scenes.
But don't overdo it because they will lose there function if your movie consists of so many transitions.
Sometimes when something entirely different will happen or when you want to cut out a imperfection.
There are a reasonable amount of transitions available and those which have a Pinnacle logo can be bought.
But normally the transitions that are available from the start should be more than enough.

When you first click on the transitions button, you will see page 1 of the 2D transitions.
When you click on the white box with "2D transitions" on the top of the image above, a dropdown menu will open where other transitions can be selected.
When you click on a transition, a effect how it works will be shown in the preview window on the right.
U can place a transition in your movie by clicking and dragging it in between two scenes.
Every transition has its default time values and can be changed by hovering your mousebutton on the left or right of the transition in the timeline until the cursor changes into a arrow, when you hold down the mousebutton now and drag to the left or right you can shorten or lengthen the transition.
In a transition the sound of one scene will automaticly be faded to the sound of the second scene.
The transitions can also be placed on the photos or titles.
In the storyboard mode you have a good overview of the transitions you have used.