Pinnacle Studio online training course

Pinnacle Studio lesson 6, Insert photos and titles

Insert photos

When you click on the "Show photos and frame grabs" button pinnacle16.jpg (1,214 bytes) you can see your photos and albums.
If you aren't in the right folder immediately you can use the browse buttons (1).
You can use a photo by simply dragging it onto your timeline.
The duration that the photo will be displayed can be changed on the timeline by moving the cursor on the photo and making it bigger using the arrow icons.

Insert titles

When you click on the "Show titles" button (1) you will get to see some ready to use titles.
The title can be dragged to any place on the timeline you want.
If you double click the title you can change the text by clicking inside the textarea.
You can also change the fonttype and fontsize.
If you click on the shaded border then you can move the titletext.

You can also make a title yourself.
To do this click on the "Open/close video toolbox" button followed by "Create or edit a title".
You will then get the following choices:

Motion title overlay
Full screen motion title
Classic title overlay
Full screen classic title

The difference between overlay and full screen titles is that when you apply a overlay title to a video, the title will become transparant.
And when you use a full screen title this will take over the entire screen.

You click on the place where you want the title and then type your text.
The text should be within the red border or else some part will disappear on your television.
On the top you can choose the fonttype, fontsize, bold, italic and underline for your text.

When the text is entered you click on the shaded border to select the text, now you can still change the color, style, etc.
By holding down the mousebutton on the edge of the text you can move it to the position you want it to be.

If you want to add a second text into the title then just click on the "T" button followed by clicking in the screen where you want to text to appear.
Another cool effect you can give to your titles is giving them motions.
To add a motion to your text click on the "Motions" button on the leftside of the screen.
A menu will unfold showing you all kinds of motions you can select.
Double click on any of these to set it to your text.
You can also add a transition for titles.
This is done when the title is finished and on the timeline, just click and drag a transition infront or behind the title.