Pinnacle Studio online training course

Pinnacle Studio lesson 7, Add and edit audio

Using microphone

Its possible to add some comments with your microphone.
To do this you need to click on "Open/Close audio toolbox" and then click on the "Record a voice-over narration".

Place the scrubber on the timeline where you want your comment to start.
Tap your microphone to see if it is working.
And if its not working click on "Setup" and "Video and audio preferences" and if the right microphone is selected and the volume is high enough in the "Voice over recording" section.
Is the sound to soft, then look at the settings from the audiodevice.
Usually you can increase the volume for the microphone here (Mic Boost).
Quick note: when the sound effects track is allready in use the voice over wont work.

To start recording you click on the "Record" button and in 3 seconds the recording will start.
In the preview window the movie will be played and you can make your comments on just the right moment.

Using CD

Its also possible to add music from a CD.
Click on the "Open/Close audio toolbox" and then the "Add background music from audio cd" button.
When you place a CD Pinnacle Studio will ask for the name of the CD, the software must be able to differentiate different CDs.
You can select the track you want and listen to it first and when your done click on the "Add to movie" button.
The music will be converted and placed on the timeline.

Create background music

A totally different way to add music is to generate it yourself, in Pinnacle you use a tool for this called "Scorefitter".
To go to scorefitter click on "Open/Close audio toolbox" and the "Create background music automaticly" button.

You can choose a style, song or version here and click on "Preview" to listen to the song.
You can set the duration in the topright timebox, but this can also be done when you have inserted in into the timeline.
The advantage of this music is that its variable.
Of course you can also buy more music to enlarge your choice.

Changing sound levels

When you click on "Open/Close audio toolbox" and the "Change the volume of audio tracks" button you can change the volume for the different sound tracks.
You can see a knob and a slider for each soundtrack.

With the slider you can change the volume from the start of the scrubbers location to the next point where the volume is customized.
With the knob you change the volume for the entire track.
If there are allready differences in volume, the new alteratio will be made in ratio to the other settings.
The slider on the right is to set the playback volume, but this can also be done in the preview window.