Pinnacle Studio online training course

Pinnacle Studio lesson 8, Add effects

Effects for audio

Its also possible to add effects to the sound.
To do this click "Open/Close audio toolbox" and "Add an effect to an audio clip", this will open the following window.

Quick note: the noise reduction effect doesn't work all that well.
Furthermore you can find other effects like a equalizer to change pitch levels, echo to add a echo effect and lots more.
The best advice here is to experiment a bit here, but most likely you won't be using this alot.

Effects for video

For video you can find more usefull effects.
Click on "Open/Close video toolbox" and "Add an effect to a video clip" to go to the video effects section.
The following window will open:

I will give you some examples how these video effects work.
Studio RTFx:

Auto color correction: with this a technique is used to adjust the colors to change the hue of the image.
Noise reduction: is a process which uses a filtering algorithm on the image data to reduce the amount of random noise (like film grain, electronic noise of the teleciné, comb filter artifacts in composite video sources, film speckles, dirt, scratches and more).
Stabilize: Stabilizes your image more or less.
Speed: Increase image speed 5 times or decrease 10 times.
Pan and zoom: Change settings to zoom in or out and pan your image.
Rotate: Rotate the image left or right.

Studio Ultimate RTFx:

Here you can find a large number of effects, most of which are pretty obvious, just experiment a bit to see what the effect does.

Picture in picture and chroma key

Click on "Open/Close video toolbox" and "Edit the video overlay using picture in picture or chroma keying".
For this part i made a image with a blue arrow in a yellow box which i simply made with "Paint".
This image i placed on the second timeline.
With chromakey i will let the yellow disappear.
You click on the pipette and then in the preview window on the color that needs to be errased, in our case the yellow color.

When you click "Picture in Picture" now you can adjust the size of the image and give it a border or shadow.
If you hold down the mouse button on your image, you can change the position.
When you release the mousebutton you can see in the preview window what the new position of the image is.