Pinnacle Studio online training course

Pinnacle Studio lesson 9, Montage themes

Montage themes

Pinnacle Studio has some montage themes to make it easy for its users to make an animation, especially at the beginning or end of your movie this can be usefull.
To open the montage theme window click on "Open/Close video toolbox" and the "Show montage themes" button on the left of the screen.

Also here you can choose between different types of categories.
Sometimes there are accompanied with two theme images at the beginning and the end.
When you hover the cursor over a template you can see its name with a possible theme image.
To add a montage theme just click and drag the theme image to the start or end of the timeline.

On the leftside you can see the well know scene overview, from here you choose a scene which will be added in the animation.
You need to drag the scene you want to use in the "Ending dropzone" box.
In the theme i am using its also possible to add two texts and choose a background color.

When you are done you can play the result in the preview window.
There are also themes with multiple dropzones.
Just try a few, there are a few that are really nice, i personally like those in the "Album" category.