Pinnacle Studio online training course

Pinnacle Studio lesson 10, DVD menu

Making a dvd menu

It can be usefull to have a choice what will be played on a DVD.
You can have more than one film on a DVD or divide a film in chapters.

To go here click on the "Show menus" button.
Now you will get an overview of the available menus.
If you see a menu that you like for your movie you need to drag it to the beginning of the timeline.
You will be asked if you want to create chapters at the start of each videoclip, its best to choose no and create your chapters manually here.

Adding chapters to your menu is simply done by clicking and dragging the movie where you want the chapter to start to the corresponding box in the title menu.
When you did this you will see "C1" appear on the timeline and "C2", "C3" etc for following chapters.
You can change the name of the chapters by typing the name in the textfield.
Just be sure you give the right name to the right chapter.
There are three clickable options:
Set thumbnail, click here if you want to choose a thumbnail as a chapter image as you can see in the menu preview box.
Motion thumbnails, click here if you want to have a moving image as a chapter image.
Return after every chapter, if you check this box you will be brought back to the menu after every chapter.

When your done here click on "Edit menu" to change the title text, fonttype, fontsize, location and size of the titles and buttons.
Once your done changing the menu to your taste just close all the windows, your menu will be automaticly saved after each change.