Pinnacle Studio online training course

Pinnacle Studio lesson 11, Exporting film

Make disc

When your done editing your film and your satisfied with the results im sure you would like to save if for future reference.
With Pinnacle Studio we can export our film to dvd or blu-ray, file or tape.
First lets go to the export window, to go here click on "Setup" and "Make disc" in the menubar.
You will now be in the export to disc window but you can easily export to anohter media by clicking on one of the tabs in this window.
Exporting to dvd the most used option so lets start with that.

You have a couple of options now like:
Disc type, choose your disc type here like dvd, blu-ray, hddvd, svd and more.
Audio compression, best leave this to the default setting.
Video quality, choose what you like here but remember that with higher quality video you will have less minutes of video on your disc. For a dvd its possible to have 1 hour of video on the highest quality.

Burn options:
Create disc content and then burn to disc, if this is checked the film will be rendered and then burned to the disc. Depending on your film length, processor and dvd drive this may take up to a few hours. Don't use other programms because this will slow down the process alot. If you don't want to wait around you computer for all this, you can check the box "Shut down PC when finished".
Create disc content but don't burn, now the disc will be rendered but not burned. This will cost a little bit less time but still the rendering will take long depending on your system.
Don't forget where the image will be saved, you will need this later if you want to burn it to a DVD or other disc.
Burn from previously created disc content, with this you can burn the image you made before to a disc. If you have only made a image of one film, Pinnacle usually knows which file you wll use. Since you will only burn a disc now this process will go relativly fast.

Make file

In the "Make file" tab you can make a file from your film.
Its possible to choose many different filetypes but the best quality would be AVI or WMV, DivX which has good quality with high compression and different types of MPEGs.
The filetype you choose here depends on what purpose you need the file for.

Its best to only change either the filetype or preset and leave other optios untouched unless you have some specific needs.