Twitter online training course

Twitter lesson 1, Basics 101

What is Twitter ?

Twitter is a internet service which you can sign up for to make a profile and send your messages on the world wide web. These messages may not contain more than 140 characters.

Twitter asks you the question "What are you doing ?" or nowadays "What's happening". Your tweets ( messages on twitter ) should answer that question.

Making contact with others on Twitter is done by following and being followed by others. Following can be done by going to the twitter page of Oprah for example and click the "Follow" button. Other people can do the same to your page by clicking this button on your Twitter page.

By following people its possible to read the messages of those people in your timeline.
Thats is the message list where all messages appear from all people that you are following.

Twitter is also being called a microblog service. Or in other words a very small weblog. A place where you can send very small messages out into the world. But in my opinion calling it a microblog is nonsense even though some people can write some literairy and artistic tweets i wouldnt call them articles.

To explain it easily Twitter would be a communication platform. What makes it special is that you need to make your messages short and brief and the fact that you dont allways need to be in conversation when using Twitter but you can also keep other people uptodate on exiting, fun and interesting things which you are doing.
This makes Twitter a easy and accesible way of of making contact with others.

This can be either business or personal contacts or a mix of both.
Twitter is somewhere in between a forum and a chatroom.
Where you can think endlessly about what you want to say in a forum or need to respond quickly like in a chat in Twitter you can do both.

In general you can use Twitter to chat with people who are following you. Following is voluntairy so nobody needs to follow you.
And when they are bored of you they can unfollow you or even block you.
You can send messages to all your followers but also to a specific follower.

The first option is conveniant because it enables you to talk to alot people at once if for example you need a answer to a question.
The second option is conveniant because sometimes you need to discuss some things in private with a single individual.
Someone you know who can answer your question, someone you like or someone you want to contact for another reason.

Chatting with someone directly is done by using "@reply" or in other words using the At sign followed by the nickname of the person who you wish to talk to.
Saying something in general to all your followers is done by entering your text with a maximum of 140 characters in the box on your Twitterpage.

All in all Twitter is a nice website where you can build contacts, follow the latest news and celebrities, use it to network and alot more.
More about this in the next lesson.