Twitter online training course

Twitter lesson 2, Why use Twitter

Why use Twitter ?

If you are reading part two of this Twitter course there is a big chance that you still haven't got a Twitter account.
You have probably heard about Twitter through various media or you have friends that use Twitter who keep on asking you if you allready have a Twitter account.
Still you are doubting but don't worry because you are not alone.
Recent studies from a research paper about Twitter shows that allmost 40% of the tweeps have doubted before making a Twitter account.

Most of them are scared that Twitter is totally useless.
And people who have never used Twitter often make a comment like "The world doesn't need to know when i am eating a sandwich".
And ofcourse nobody needs to know that.
But that is not the only thing that is happening on Twiter.
In any case not only that.
Because lets be honest, tweets about which sandwhiches people are eating are also there.

How can Twitter be usefull to you ?

You make your own Twitter reality.
In other words, Twitter means something else for each and every person.
But lets explain a few things for which you can certainly use Twitter.

Following the internetbuzz

The latest devolpments, the newest ideas, the latest news, the most recent gadgets and so on.
The people who are the power behind innovation on internet are also using Twitter.
By following these Tweeters you are instantly uptodate on whats hot or not.
This way nobody will suspect you can't keep up with the hip crowd.

Keeping uptodate

Of course your not only following the internetbuzz on Twitter.
But also news and Twitter is a good combination.
The latest news can sometimes even be found first on Twitter.
From localnews to worldnews and from shownews to economical news its all being tweeted.
It's quite obvious that alot journalists use Twitter as some kind of information network but in their turn also post their latest news.
Because of this we can say Twitter is full with the most recent news.

Getting help with your questions

Followers are the people who read your messages on Twitter.
Lets say you have a practical question but in real life you don't know anyone who can answer the question.
Such a question can be "What is a good webhost" or "How much chicken do i need when making Chicken Curry for four persons ?" or also "Im looking for a good Programmer for a interesting job".
Your twitter followers can help you find the answer to your question.
And your followers have followers themself.
So in an instance you can reach alot people to help you find the solution to your problem.
The chance of you finding a solution to your problem will get alot bigger this way of course.


Twitter is a social network.
Only by being present you are working on your personal or business reputation.
Next to that you can use followers by promoting and rating your company or for instance your weblog.
But use this wisely because if you are constantly tweeting about that wonderfull promotion you are offering people will consider this as spam and it can happen that people will choose to stop following you.


Twitter is the perfect way to expand and maintain your network.
You can relatively easy find people in your field of work and decide to follow them.
And you don't need to meet them all in person but its fairly easy to get in touch online.
In networking its important like in all social media that you need to participate in order to make it usefull.
Just adding alot followers to your account and next never use Twitter won't make your network to any use.
In Twitter you need to read, react and participate.

Professional advice

Your stuck in your work what will you do now ?
Through Twitter you can come into contact with people in your field of work and ask questions to them which are specificly for your workfield.
You can also do this in other places but through Twitter you usually will get a quicker response to your question because you are reaching a large group of people easily.