Twitter online training course

Twitter lesson 3, Starting with Twitter

Signing up

Are you allready convinced that Twitter can mean something for you ?
Maybe not yet but its worth a try right ?
So lets just start using Twitter then.
We can allways stop at a later time.

To make a account at Twitter you will need to go to the website
You probably allready knew this but i don't want to get some angry email saying i haven't explained something like this.
Once you are at the website you can see a big yellow button with the text "Sign up".

As you can see you can also choose to first have a look around on Twitter.
Just use a keyword and click on search or click on any of the words that are used alot by Tweeps (people who Twitter) at that time.
Those words are also know as trending topics.

Anyway if you are doing testing Twitter and decided to click the yellow "Sign up" button you will be at the page where you can really make a account.
Below is a image of that page.
I added a few numbers in the image so you know what i am reffering to on this page.

1. Full name
In the field Full name you will enter your real name.
This isn't neccesairy of course you can also put Robin Hood as your "real name".
Depending on what you will do with your Twitter account it can be of some use if you will fill in your real name here.
When people are using Google to find you they will also find your Twitter account that is linked to your real name.
But maybe that is what you really don't want, in that case have fun thinking about a fake name.

2. Username
Your username can be your real name, fake name or a nickname.
Your username cannot have any spaces though and there is only room for 15 characters.
Next your username must also be unique.
If you have a name that is very common then its very likely that someone else has allready created a account with that name.
Think well about your username.
This is the name that everyone in Twitter will get to know you by.
Make sure it says something about yourself, about your company or the subject you want to start tweeting about.
You can change this name at a later time though but this can give problems since other people might have difficulties finding your Twitter account after you have changed your name.
Your username is also part of the Url adress of your twitter profile:

3. Password
In the password field you will enter your password but i suppose you figured this out by yourself i suppose.
Make sure you have a safe and not easy to guess password.
Twitter forbids the use of some passwords.
If the password you wanted to use is in this list maybe its a good idea to change your password for other services you are using also.

4. Email
In the email field you will enter your email adress...
On this email adress you will receive a message when some chooses to follow your Tweets.
You can disable those emails but sometimes you want to know if you have a new follower so its best not to enter a spamadress here.
By checking the box beneath this field you will allow other users to find you not only by your real or username but also on the email adress you have used to register with.

5. Terms of service
If you are bored or have some available time start reading the Terms of Service.
Im afraid not alot tend to read this ( including myself ).

6. Clicking
By clicking the "Create my account" button you will complete your signup and you are ready to use Twitter.
As a security measure a popup window will appear where you are asked to type the words in the field bellow it.
If you really cannot read the words there you can click on the blue speaker next to them to let the computer speak them for you.

If at this point you still don't figure out what those words are you can click on the button with two circling arrows.
Two new words will then be created for you.

Don't forget to confirm your Twitter account.
You will receive a confirmation link in a email in the email adress you have given when signing up to confirm your registration.
In the next windows you will get some suggestions of people who you can follow and next you are asked to link your mailaccount of LinkedIn account to find friends who are allready on Twitter.
You can skip this for now.
In our next lesson i will show you how you can customize your Twitter page.