Twitter online training course

Twitter lesson 4, Customizing your Twitter account


A standard Twitter account looks pretty decent.
But like all profile pages its nice to adjust it a bit to your own personal taste.
This way you can use your profile page to make a statement about yourself.

So lets start customizing your Twitter page.
Almost each part of your Twitter page can be customized.
The background, colors of your text on the page and of course your avatar.
Your avatar is the image other Tweeters will see next to your message when you are commenting.

Uploading avatar

From your Twitter profile page ( click on "Settings" and then on "Profile" in the navigation menu.

On this page you can upload a image.
If you want to use Twitter for your company its best to use your logo.
If you want to use Twitter for personal branding then upload a clear picture of yourself.
If you don't want to be recognized on Twitter then just use an image that you think is nice or funny.
At least take some time to think about the image you will be using.
If you won't upload a avatar then people who follow you will see the default Twitter image which of course is a bit boring.

Page design

Now that you have changed your avatar its time to customize the rest of your page.
In the same menu as above click on "Design" this time.
This will give you a couple of options.

1. You can choose a standard Twitter theme. A theme is a background for your Twitterpage.
this offers some nice possibilities but as mentioned they are a bit standard.
Its quite possible another Tweeter is also using the theme you like.

2. You can upload a background image yourself.
There are tonnes of websites that offer these kind of backgrounds for free, but if you have a good picture you like or are good in photo or image editing software the best would be to use that of course.

3.You can change the color of text on your page.
Click on the "Change colors" link and you will get to see the squared below.

With background you will change the background of your page.
Text will change the text color.
Links will decide the color of hyperlinks on your profile page.
Sidebar will decide the background color of the left collumn on the side of you page where your profile data is in and with sidebar border you will adjust the border of that collumn.

Inspiration and downloading

To get an idea what you can do with your background i have put a few profiles below:

Al these background are custom made.
But if you aren't a star in using Photoshop or other editing software then all is not yet lost.
I will post a list here with a list of websites where you can download backgrounds that are allready suited for Twitter.

What do you want with it

Before you start ask yourself what is the purpose of your Twitter account.
Is it a personal account then make it say something about you.
It is a account that is linked to your business activities then make sure it can be seen in your Twitter account.
And whatever you do try to keep it simple.
You don't want people who visit your page will get bleeding eyes or panic attacks from your background.
Also make sure that when you upload an image here it will be repeated endlessly if its smaller than a screen.
So make sure that the image you use is it least 1280x1024 pixels in size.
This way most of the times your background will look organized.
On the other hand you don't want a large image because this will make your page load so slowly.
Just experiment and try to find a good balance.