Twitter online training course

Twitter lesson 5, Find Twitter followers

Start finding followers

Well if you made it to lesson 5 you allready came a long way.
But now here you are with your totally customized profile but what now ?
If you are using Twitter and its only you its not really fun at all.
Twitter only starts to live when you are following people and people are following you.
So now is the time to find followers.

For starters its best to find people you allready know.
Within Twitter there is an option to find contact which you have in your Gmail, Yahoo or AOL account.
When signed into Twitter you will login to those accounts and Twitter will compare the email adresses from your contactlist with the emailadresses of Tweeps which have enabled that they want to be found by their emailadress.

This is a great way to get your first followers.
But on the other hand it might be that your own contactlist doesnt help you at all.
If this is the case then its time to add some strangers.

Why add strangers

Why would you start following people that you don't know at all ?
Reading messages from persons which you have never met in your entire life.
You can think of alot reasons for this.
But the most important would be that the world wide web is there for you to explore anything that is outside of your own enviroment.
To meet people that you would never meet in the "real" world.
If only because you can only keep in touch with so many people without your agenda exploding.
So it would be a shame not using this possibillity.

If you are using Twitter to promote your products, company, services or personal brand than its even more important to add people outside of your known contacts.
There is strength in numbers.
If just 1% of your followers are interested in your product or service who will repost your messages to their followers, then that 1% is definitly more when you have 1000 followers compared to just 10.

But be carefull, like allways quality remains better than quantity.
If you have a blog that aims purely at atheists but most of your 5000 followers are very religious then its better to have less followers of which you know they think god does not exists.

But anyway to make a start and help your Twitter account a bit there is allways one thing that you can do: Follow alot people.

What ? How ?

Its basicly very simple.
Just click on the "Follow" button at as much peoples pages as possible.
Find people through pages like to get a bunch of them.
There is a limit to the amount of people you can follow as long as you aren't followed by alot others.
You can't add 10.000 people to your list if you are being followed by only 3 (frankly this is to prevent activities which we are doing).
Though i still advice you to do this.

Why ?

The most people you follow will follow you back.
This means that you can get a small community pretty fast if you are willing to put some time in it.
Just waiting silently in a corner somewhere till everyone sees who you are is also possible but this might take a bit longer.

This sounds a bit like cheating though

Not really.
The thing is that those people who will follow you will also stop doing this if you aren't interesting, funny, charming or anything else which keeps them comming.
The only thing what you are doing first by randomly following alot people is to speed up the process a bit.
Just gather a croud around you and let them decide if you are worth their time or not.

Is Twitter only about followers ?

Absolutely not.
A party with just two people can also be fun.
Only for this you don't need to use Twitter.
Its not about the amount of people you are following (or following you), but collecting a reasonable club (both ways) makes it more fun and in some ways more usefull.
What a reasonable clubsize is you need to decide for yourself.
For one person just 20 people is enough but for others even 40.000 isn't enough.
In the end both is fine.
But in my personal opinion part of the power of Twitter is the speed and reach of this software and to make use of this its better to have a big group of people.

But where can i find all these people ?

There are alot places on the internet where Twitter users are being collected and categorized.
Especially that categorizing is interesting because this will make it alot easier for you to add followers which could be interested in topics you are too.
The chance of followers staying with you is bigger when you choose them with a certain interest, background, profession or something else.
If you don't do this you will probably lose your followers as fast as you go them.
It works both ways anyway if you add followers who are interesting for you then you are probably also interesting for them.

In the following websites you can find Tweeters :

Of course there are alot other services where you can find new followers.
But also don't forget to follow those people who started to follow you.
If afterwards they seem boring, annoying, stupid or anything else that you are irritated about then you can allways remove them again.
And its your right to be proud about it or not.
Of course you are alot cooler and popular if you follow alot less people then those who are following you.
There are even mean Twitter curse names for those who just follow anyone.
Like i said in a previous lesson: you make your own Twitter reality.