Twitter online training course

Twitter lesson 6, Lets start to Twitter

Your ready to Twitter

If all went well you now have a nice profile, are following people and alot people are following you or are starting to follow you.
So now its time to Twitter.
But what will you say ?


Twittering is also being called microblogging.
Micro, because you other than in an ordinary weblog you have less space to make your point.
With 140 characters you can say whats on your mind.
If you want to learn to play with a language then Twitter is the place to do it !

Like in macroblogging it is important that you have something to say.
Not allways but certainly 60% of the time you have to add something decent as a Twitter user.
This can be something from another website like for example a link to something interesting.
This can be a song or a article you have just written or read about.

In other words don't just fill your Twitter page with alot of nonsense.
But really look for that thing which is really usefull for your followers.
Twitter will surely bring you more this way and followers will keep following you longer.
But don't make it too difficult for yourself on the other hand for every type of nonsense you can find an audience.
Just like in real life people in Twitter come in lots of different types and flavours.

Don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do.
But remember that just like in real life your choices will have consequences.
If you are making undecent statements all day this will attract a certain type of followers.
Just as well if you are talking about food and recipies all day.
Also ask yourself if that is the audience you are looking for.
But in the end its your Twitter though and you control what will be in it.


The Twitterazzi have developed their own language by now.
For those who don't know the language of Twitter will be treated a bit like an outcast.
Luckily i am such a nice guy that will will post a few of these terms for you on this website.
If this list is not enough maybe you should try going to the Twittonary and learn about this unique language.
Just use these terms once in a while but not to often since you might be using these terms outside Twitter where not alot people understand these terms.
There's a big chance your co workers will be anoyed if you are allways talking in Twitter dialect.

Some words are very usefull to know allready because they are related to the functionality of Twitter:

Hashtag: a hashtag is a word that will come after this sign "#".
With the hashtag you can do a number of things.
One way you can use the hashtag is to give a certain tone to your tweet.

Example: Today is an extremely beautifull day #itsrainingcatsanddogs

As you can see its a good way to be sarcastic once in a while.
And i dont know if you have noticed but when you are using hashtags you dont need to use spaces in between words.

Furthermore the hashtag is also being used to give a subject to a tweet.
Like for example a congress or a televisionshow which you are watching.
For example the hashtag of CNN is #cnn.
If you are watching the show you can give a comment to it and add the hashtag to your comment.
The hashtags on Twitter become clickable.
And if you click on the hashtag you will see all the tweets which have such a hashtag and in theory you can follow a congress or tv show based on the comments of the people who are actually there without your being there or looking at it.

Twoosh: is a tweet of exactly 140 characters.
You can win nothing by doing it but some people think its an art to try and send out their message in exactly 140 characters.

Tweeps: People who tweet/twitter.

Tweetup: a offline meeting of people who use Twitter.

Twitter timeline: these are the messages you see when you login to your Twitter account (other peoples messages).

Retweet: This is when you are forwarding the message of another tweeter to your followers.
This can be done by copying and pasting the message and put RT infront of it with the name of the original Tweeter and his or her message.

@replies: When you want to tweet directly to a specific person, then you enter the @ followed by their username and your message.
You can also do this by clicking "Reply" when you are hovering the mousecursor over a certain message which you want to reply to.
Or by going to their profile and clicking the "cogwheel" icon and next clicking on @ mention username.

Direct message or DM: Are messages which can only be seen by those who you are sending the tweet to.
In other words a private message.
You can send these by going o the profile of the person you want to message to and choose for Direct Message username or starting your tweet with D username and then your message.

Follow Friday: Is a habit on Twitter to tweet a list of people each friday which you are following of whom you think are interesting for others to follow.
Joining follow friday is simply done by using the hashtag #ff or #followfriday in your tweet together with the names of tweeps you want to pass on (with the @ sign infront of their username).

Quick tip: If you really want to increase your populairity on Twitter its a good idea to invent a new Twitterword.
But try and be original.
Twootnight just before you are going to sleep is of course allready used by others.


Just like in real life and on other social media you can also find the wellknown highschool groups.
The posers, jocks, nerds, etc.
Like in real life its also important in Twitter to find the group you belong to.
Or maybe you are so cool that no club is good enough for you ?
Try to make tweets about the things that interest you and reflect your personality.
This way it will be alot easier for people who are likeminded to find you.

What ?

I have still not really told you what you need to say on Twitter.
I assume you are able to have a basic converstation.
Just hang on to the same rules in Twitter as you would do in real life.
Dont talk to much about nonsense, read once in a while, react to other peoples tweets, don't brag alot, ask questions which make other people think and above all be yourself.

On a sidenote

If you really want to add something and want to expand the number of followers you have think to yourself what you know that can be usefull to others.
There is allways something.
what is your field of expertise ?
If this is in your hobby or profession it doesn't matter.
What can you add ?
What interesting things did you find while surfing the web ?
How can you make the Twittercommunity grow ?
Don't take all these things to seriously but allways keep in mind that Twitter is a mini community and when you are not adding to the community your just not that interesting.