Twitter online training course

Twitter lesson 7, Twitter sharing

Enhancing Tweets

Sharing through Twitter isn't neccesairily done only with text. You can also share photos, videos, music and more.
A good way to bring some color to your tweets.

Since the beginning of Twitter more and more services have been created for it.
Services which make using Twitter even more exiting.
On this page i will make a list of these services.

Sharing Photos

Twitpic is exactly the same as Tweetphoto.
You login with your Twitter data and start uploading.
In Twitpic you can see how many time your photo is viewed.

Twitgoo is another photo service which also work simple.
On the homepage of Twitgoo you can see the photos of others and when you click on them you will be brought to their Twitter account.

Sharing Videos

Twitc doesn't only enable you to share video but everything.
From fonts, images, code and more.
And not only through Twitter but alot of other social networks also.

Sharing Music can be used to search for music and listen to it or share a song with your followers on Twitter. can be used to search for songs which are on Youtube and share them with your followers.
This works very good.

Most of these websites have buttons on their pages which you can use to share their content on Twitter.
I can only support you to make use of these buttons.
This isn't only usefull to you but also shows some appreciation for the author which doesn't cost you anything.