Twitter online training course

Twitter lesson 8, Chaos and order

Enhancing Tweets

When you succeeded in collecting a nice group of followers and are following a sum of people yourself you are doing just fine.
The disadvantage of following a large group of people is that it will get harder and harder to see what individuals are doing and so keeping really in touch.
Luckily there are a huge amount of growing applications and websites which help you create order in all of this chaos.


A very popular application is Tweetdeck.
With Tweetdeck you can order followers into collumns.
You create groups and add people to it, Tweetdeck will then let you see updates of those people in different collumns
In Tweetdeck its also possible to update other social networks like Facebook.
With Tweetdeck you can control multiple accounts, make groups, tweet, search Twitter and more.
This application is also available for your mobile.


Also a very usefull tool.
Hootsuite is used in your browser.
You will surf to, make a account and then link your Twitter account to it.
With Hootsuite its possible for more than one user to control a account (this can be usefull when your using it for your company), you can control multiple accounts and it also possible to keep updates of your Facebook and for instance Foursquare to see the stats of the links you are sharing (how many times they are clicked).
Also available for your mobile.


Seesmic can also be used from within your browser but also with a mobile app on your phone or a application for your computer.
Seesmic is allmost the same in terms of functionality as Hootsuite.

Of course there are alot more but these are the apps that are used the most.
It can take a bit of searching and experimenting to see which one you think is most usefull to you.

Twitter groups

In Twitter its possible to make groups.
You can add users to those groups and then you can follow those groups.
These groups enable you to categorize the people you are following.
On subject, relation or location for example.

You can make public groups (which others can choose to follow) or private groups.
Making a group is done as followed:

Click on the profile of the person you want to add in a list.
Then click on the button you see in the image below.
And next click "Create a list".

You can now choose a name for your list, a description and if you want to make it a public or private list.
The next time you can add someone to the list you will create now or make a new list.
Quick note: you can also add people to a list even if you are not following those people.
This can be usefull because there are some people which you want to occasionally see but not want to see them in your general timeline.