Twitter online training course

Twitter lesson 10, All types of services

Twitter services

Since the start of Twitter alot of usefull services are created.
Services which enable you to tweet and twitter more easily.
In this lesson i made a list of some of these services.


Sometimes you are sitting behind your computer for days without being active digitally at all.
If you want to become a known Twitter personality its not ok if they keep asking themselves who is that person who allways tweets about reading the newspaper on monday.
If you have time related problems then planning your tweets is a good solution for you.
You can write them now and will only go live on the moment you set them to.
There are a few services which can do that for you:

New followers

The longer you will be active on Twitter the more followers you will get.
If you don't have time to allways manually follow these followers back then don't worry, this process can also be done automaticly including sending them a welcome message.
Please think carefully about your welcome message though.
Especially if this will also be seen in your Twitterstream.
WELCOME NEW FOLLOWER ! just doesn't look right.
Nice of you to add me ! or something like that looks a lot less psychotic.
Next i will give you some tools to help you auto-follow others:

If you want to use this is entirely up you.
If you follow back automaticly the chance is also bigger that you will follow back spammers.
And those automatic messages are usually very recognisable as automated messages.
Its understandable if you don't like it for these reasons of course.

Social media and blogs

Twitter is probably not the only social media website you are using.
And im sure it makes you very happy if you need to post all your activities manually on all those others websites also.
Thankfully this is not neccesairy because of these following tools:

Twitter and Flickr Snaptweet

If you have a Flickr account your can link this to Twitter.
Login to Flickr and go to your settings by clicking your name on the topright of the page and choose the link "Sharing & Extending".
The add Twitter in "Your blogs".
They are still talking about blogs here but you can also add Twitter here.
I assume you can figure out how this works.

Twitter and Facebook Yakket

With Yakket its possible to bring Twitter to your Facebook account.
You can set this in a way that all your tweets will appear on Facebook or if you want only certain ones will be brought to Facebook.


With Twitterfeed its possible to bring every RSS feed (like for example of your blog) automaticly to Twitter.

Automated Twitter

Yes its possible to Twitter automaticly.
But this is of course not enough to become a Twitterazzi.
Once in a while you need to say something cute, funny, interesting or weird.
But how do you come up with these if you aren't very original yourself ?
You can do it by just using the power of internet.
Being original is greatly overrated.
Just look what others are discussing and pass it on.

Keep it short

On Twitter you only have a limited space to use.
So when you have found something on the web that you want to share its usefull if the link itself doesn't consume to much of the available space.
As you know some links are endlessly long.
To solve this problem there are URL shortners.
These are services that can make a short version of any URL.
It usually works pretty simple.
If you want to shorten a long url, just go to such a service, fill in the url adress and it will be processed into a shorter link.
Some services need you need to register yourself but most of the times you will get some extras for it like statistics of your link.
A few popular URL shortners are:

This list is allways under contruction so if you have some tips don't hessitate to email me.