Twitter online training course

Twitter lesson 11, Statistics

Twitter stats

Numbers say everything.
Although this isn't entirely true they are allways nice and give a good impression of your impact and popularity.
And maybe this doesn't interest you at all but for most of us it does.
Because honestly all those social networks have an element like "who is the coolest person here" in it.
Thats why in this lesson i will show you a range of places where you can see if others think you are really such a cool tweep as you think you are.

Klout gives a score to your Twitter account and tells you what kind of tweep you are.
That score is being based on your tweets, your friends and the influence they have, how many times you are retweeted and much more.

Twitcounter offers a range of statistics including a prediction of how many follower you will have in the future.
Next to that Twittercounter offers a widget that you can add in your website so you can see which tweeps are visiting your website.

Tweetstats offers even more statistics.
here you can see how your follower numbers are going.

Twitteranalyzer offers statistics about your Twitter account.
It works simple, just fill in your twitter name and you will see the statistics.
Fill in the name of another Twitter user and you will see their statistics.