Windows Live Movie Maker online training course

Windows Live Movie Maker lesson 1, Introduction

What is windows live movie maker

Lets start with the question "what is Windows Live Movie Maker, and what can we do with it ?".
With Windows Live Movie Maker (Movie maker for short) you can assemble movies from photos and videos.
You can't just only do video editing but also use Windows Live Movie Maker to make a dia slideshow of your photos.
Windows Live Movie Maker is free and can be downloaded on the following page:

Downloading and installing

To use Movie maker, we need to download the software first.
To download it go to the link mentioned above and click the "Download now" button.

When you open the downloaded file a new window will open like the first one you see below this paragraph where you will need to make a choice if you want to install all of Windows Live Essentials or if you would like to choose the programms you want to install yourself.
If you click the first options all programms will start to be installed or if you click the second option a new window will open like the second one in the image below where you can select the programms you would like to have installed.
As you can see Photo Gallery and Movie Maker can only be installed together.
Both are usefull programms so dont worry and just install them, with Photo Gallery you can manage and edit photos and Movie Maker can be used to compose a video based on images and videofragments.

Start Movie Maker

Once everything is installed and you start Movie Maker for the first time, this will start with a new empty project and you will see a screen like the one below.
I will explain everything you see here briefly, so that when i am talking about a certain part on the screen you also know where to find this.
On the top you can see the titlebar (1).
In the titlebar we can find a few buttons on the leftside which are "Save as", "Undo", "Redo" and a dropdown menu to change the settings of the titlebar buttons, in the center you see the name of the file and application and on the rightside we have the buttons "Minimize", "Maximize" and "Close".

Below the titlebar we can see the menubar (2).
Depending on what you choose in the menubar, you can see differnt options in the workbar (3).
All these buttons and options will be further explained in the next lessons.

Below the workbar on the leftside you can see the preview window (4) and the storyboard on the right (5).