Windows Live Movie Maker online training course

Windows Live Movie Maker lesson 3, The basics

Changing the layout

The way your workspace looks like can be adjusted in a few ways.
By placing the cursor between the storyboard and the preview window a double arrow will appear (1), when you click the mousebutton now you can change the size of them.
If you move the cursor over a file in the storyboard (2), a window will appear with different properties of this file.
For example the filename, duration, possible transition and more which we will discuss in a later lesson.

Quick note
A photofile is set for a duraction of 7 seconds by default, a movie file will have the duration of the movie itself of course.
But don't worry all this can be changed to your personal preferences.
We will discuss this more in a later lesson also.

On the bottom of the application there is a scrollbar (3) which we can use to alter the size of the timescale and the "Change thumbnail size" button (4).
The first will give a bigger or smaller size of the timescale (5), which can be usefull when your editing or adding effects, the second will give a bigger or smaller image of the thumbnails in the storyboard.

The same buttons can be found back i the workbar when you click on "View" in the menubar.
With the "Zoom in" and "Zoom out" buttons (1) you enlarge or decrease the timescale.
By click on the "Thumbnail size" button (2) you open a menu where you have a choose to set the size of the thumbnails.
With the "Reset button (3) you bring back all view settings back to default.
And with the "Preview full screen" button (4) you will see the preview window in full screen.
To close the full screen view just click the "Escape" key on your keyboard.

Saving project

To save the project we have a few options.
First we can use the "Save project" button (1) in the titlebar.
Second is to click the "Movie Maker" button (2) in the menubar and choose for "Save Project" from the dropdown menu.
A third possibility is to close the project (3).
This will give a warningscreen which will ask if you want to save the project.

Quick note:
When you start a new project by clicking on the "Movie Maker" button (2) and choose for "New project" in the dropdown menu, the last project will be closed and you will also be asked if you want to save this project.

Moving files

The playback order of the files which we will make a movie with is determined by the position of it on the storyboard.

To change this playback order just click and drag the file in the storyboard to the position you want (1).
Let go of the mousebutton when you have reached the position you want it to be.
Movie Maker will place the file where the vertical bar will appear (2).

Further information:

1. The file that is selected in the storyboard will also be shown in the preview window.
2. A file that is added to the project at a later time will allways be placed behind the file that is currently selected on the storyboard.
You can change the position of this file at any time of course.