Windows Live Movie Maker online training course

Windows Live Movie Maker lesson 5, Animations

Manual transitions

When we add a theme to our project, all transitions and zoom properties will be automaticly choosen by Movie Maker.
We can also do this manually per thumbnail or multiple thumbnails.

Let me first start with the transitions.
First place the mousecursor before the thumbnail where you want to apply the transition on (1).
Next choose the "Animations" tab (2) in the menubar.

This will open a list with different transitions (3).
By clicking on the downpointing arrow in the right corner of the list we will get to see more transitions (4).

When you move the cursor over a transition you can see a example of this transition in the preview window.

If you found a transition you want to apply, you click on this transition.
If you want to apply this transition to all thumbnails you need to click on the "Apply to all" text (5).
If you want you can also change the duration of the transition in the "Duration" field.

If you don't want to set a transition between the thumbnails you choose for the first option in the transitionlist (6).
If you want to apply a certain transition to multiple thumbnails, you first need to select these thumbnails and then click on the transition.

For example, if you want to apply a same transition to all movie clips and another transition for all photos, then you need to select all movie clips in your project and then click on the transition you want to use.
Then you select all photos in your project and click on the transition you want to use between your photos.

Pann and zoom

By using the option "Pann and zoom" we can get a bit of motion in a photo, so it will look like it has a bit of video in it.

To do this first select the photo (1) and select the "Animations" tab (2).
In the list (3) with different pann and zoom tools you choose the one you want to apply.
Here also we can find alot more options if we click on the downpointing arrow (4).
If you wish to apply this on all photos, click on the "Apply to all" button (5).

We use the same technique as in transitions to set zoom options for different photos.
When you want this you can also set zoomoptions for movie clips of course.

Transition duration

Like i told you previous lesson, whenever you add a photo into your project this will automaticly have a duration of seven seconds.
This can be changed of course.

To do this first select the photo(s) (1), choose the "Edit" tab in the menubar, and change the duration in the field "Duration" (3) by clicking on the downpointing arrow.

This option doesn't work for a movie of course, but for this we have another option which i will explain in a later lesson.