Windows Live Movie Maker online training course

Windows Live Movie Maker lesson 9, Audio, video and windows live photo gallery

Adding multiple audiotracks

If you want to add multiple audiotracks to your film you have a problem.
Its not possible in Windows live movie maker.
Thankfully there is a trick to do this nonetheless.

To add a second audiotrack you first save your project as a movie.
To do this click on the "Movie Maker" button (1) in the menubar, and choose "Save Movie" (2) from the dropdown menu, and choose for "For High-definition" (3).
Why choose for "High-definition" here ?
Because each time you save a project as a regular "Movie" some quality will be lost.
We save it as a "High-definition" movie to have the best quality.

When its done you open a new project by clicking on the "Movie Maker" button in the menubar once more, and choose for "New project" in the dropdown menu.
If you'd like you can save the project from which you made a movie before.
If you don't you won't be able to edit it at a later time anymore.
In the new project you click on the button "Add videos and photos" (1).
Select the video you have previously saved.
This will add the saved "High-definition" videoclip in our project (2).
Next click on the "Add music" button (3), and import the soundfile you want to insert.
You have now added a second soundtrack to your movie (4).

Mixing videosound and audio

When the videoclips which you have imported in your project have backgroundsounds and you have added an audiotrack to your project, you have the possibility to mix these.

To do this choose the "Project" tab and click on the "Audio mix" button.
When you clicked on this button a scrollbar with two icons will appear.
The left icon (1) is for the backgroundsounds of the video and the icon on the right (2) is for the inserted audiotrack.

If you move the scrollbar to the left the backgroundsound of the video will become louder and if you move it to the right the inserted audiotrack will become louder.

By experimenting with this you can get the sound levels you want to achieve.
Click on the "Play" button to look and listen to the video.

Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Live Photo Gallery

When you are using Windows Live Photo Gallery to organize your photos and films, you can insert all photos and videoclips on your computer directly into Windows Live Movie Maker.

To do this open Windows Live Photo Gallery and select the "Create" tab.
Navigate to the photos on your computer which you want to insert to Windows Live Movie Maker and select them (1).
Next click on the "Movie" button (2) in the workbar.

This will open Movie Maker and places all selected files into the storyboard.
Anyone can do it right ?