Windows Live Movie Maker online training course

Windows Live Movie Maker lesson 10, Importing external files

Camera, Videocamera and other devices

If you import files from a photo or videocamera or any other device, the method for importing is the same for each device.

As an example i will import photos from a iphone camera.

When you made photos with your digital camera (or iphone in this case) and you didnt save them on your computer yet, then its possible to import these into Movie Maker directly.
Although directly into Movie Maker insn't entirely correct.
You will see these first in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Lets continue.
The first thing you do is connect the device to your computer.
This will open the "Autoplay" window which you can close by clicking the red cross in the topright corner of the window.
Because we are going to import the photos into Movie Maker and not on our computer.

This will bring us back to Movie Maker.
Click on the "Movie Maker" button and choose "Import from device" in the dropdown menu.

When you clicked on this, a list with devices will appear that are connected to your computer.
In this case only my iphone is connected which is displayed as "Apple iphone".
So now select the device (1) and click on the "Import" button (2).

In the next window that will be opened we have two choices.
The first choice is "Review, organize and group items to import".
Choosing this option will allow us to import photos or videos in the next window.
The second option "Import all new items now" will import all new photos and videos.

As an example i choose for the first option.
In the window that opens we have a number of options.
If you choose for "Select all" then all photos and videos will be imported when you click on the "Import" button.
If you uncheck the box next to the "Select all" text (1), then you need to choose for each group of photos if you want to select them for importing (2).
If you want to select which pictures in a group you want to import, you click on the group and select the pictures inside (3).

Quick note:
These groups are automaticly made when you took the photos.
You can change the classification of these groups by clicking and dragging the "Adjust groups" scrollbar (4).

Click on the "Import" button when you are done.

After clicking the import button a window will open where you can follow the import.
There is a checkbox here "Erase after importing" that will remove all photos and videos you are importing when checked.

When importing is dnoe Windows Live Photo Gallery will open and a window will appear asking you if you want to use Windows Live Photo Gallery to open filetypes like JPG, GIF, TIF etc.
Click on "Yes" when you want this and "No" when you don't.
Since i allways open my photos manually and still like to do so i will choose "No" here.

Windows Live Photo Gallery will open with the just imported photos.
The only thing you need to do now is to drag the files from Photo Gallery to Movie Maker.