Windows Live Movie Maker online training course

Windows Live Movie Maker lesson 11, Saving movie

High definition

When you finished a project, im sure you want to share this with others.
To do this we need to make a movie from it first.
To do this we have a few options, but when you are thinking of putting the movie on the internet or emailing it, its best to use a less high quality.
Or if you will use it just on your computer or on a DVD its ok to use high quality.

First let me start with a high quality movie.
Click on the "Save Movie" button (1) in the workbar from the "Home" tab and in the dropdown menu that opens you choose "High-definition".
When you move the cursor over a option (2), a small box will open which shows an estimate filesize (3).

In the "Save Movie" window you choose a folder on your computer where you want to save the file and give the file a name.

Movie Maker will start saving the film.
If you have a large project with alot photos and videos then this could take quite some time.

Once its done you will get to see the window below here.
Here you can play the movie, open the folder where the movie is saved, or just close the window again.

Low resolution

When you will use the movie for the internet or emailing we will save it with a low resolution.
A example of this is choosing "E-mail" from the dropdown menu.
Movie Maker will only make the movie in a size thats small enough to email, it will not open your email program and attach the movie to a outgoing email, this has to be done manually.
The only thing Movie Maker will do is to save the movie in a lower resolution.
This means the size of the movie will have dropped enormous though.
The difference can be noticed in the image below this text.
The left video is saved in high-definition and the right one using the "E-mail" option.